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The Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS
Information & Communication Technologies

Networked Media

Workshop on the
"Future Media Internet"

22 January 2008, Brussels

Workshop Organizers:

Jointly organized by CONTENT , INTERMEDIA NoE   and VISNET-II   Networks of Excellence, with the support of the European Commission.

Workshop Theme:

The combination of widespread broadband Internet access, distributed control overlays based on P2P technology, and personalized content technologies will dramatically affect the structure of the media sector in the whole world. As a consequence of this, in 5 to 10 years we will see a fundamental reshaping of the mass media business structure and a fundamental reshaping of the Internet, leading to the creation of the Future Media Internet concept . This workshop aimed to create a discussion forum in which industry, academia and administration may present their views and discuss on this very relevant emerging phenomenon.

Workshop Attendees:

The attendees were leading industrial stakeholders, scientific experts and administration officials in the field of Media products, services and technologies.

List of participants

Workshop Programme:




  9:30- 10:30

Registration and Welcome Coffee


Future research priorities in unit DG INFSO “Networked Audiovisual Systems” Unit

Luis Rodríguez-Roselló , Head of Unit D2

Session 1: Networked Media of the Future


The challenge of distributed control

Dr. Carmen Guerrero , U. Carlos III of Madrid. Coordinator of CONTENT NoE.


The challenge of personalized content

Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann , Miralab, University of Geneva. Coordinator of INTERMEDIA NoE.


The challenge of broadband access

Dr. Safak Dogan, University of Surrey on behalf of Prof. Ahmet Kondoz, Coordinator of VISNET II NoE .


Coffee break

Session 2: Future Internet


RTD challenges at the crossroads of Networking and Media Research

Mr. David Griffin , University College London.


Limitations of current Internet and way forward

Prof. Juan Quemada , Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Anywhere Network Vision of the Future Internet

Dr. Philip Marshall , Vicepresident, Telecom Technology Research Leader, Yankee Group.


Lunch will be served on-site (complimentary by the three NoEs: Content, Intermedia and Visnet)


Session 3: Industry view


The challenge of distributed control in telco companies

Dr. Pablo Rodríguez, Scientific Director, Telefónica Labs.



3D Internet

Mr. Dermot Honan , Manager, Solutions Development Group Information Technology Innovation, INTEL.


Engaging Multimodal Broadband Experience of the Future Internet

Mr. Ian Kegel , Head of Future Content Group, BT Group Research & Venturing.


Coffee break

Session 4: Panel


Panel topic: Are the European media companies really adapting to the changing environment?

Participation of all previous speakers in the workshop. Chaired by Mr Isidro Laso-Ballesteros, European Commission.