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7th Framework Programme

The EU's chief instrument for funding scientific research and technological development over the period 2007 to 2013, is one of the most important elements in realising the Lisbon agenda for growth and competitiveness. The Commission's proposals for the Seventh Framework Programme, published 6 April 2005, will now go through the co-decision procedure for approval and adoption by the European Parliament and Council.
General information on the 7th Framework Program (FP7):
ICT - Information and Communication Technologies Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are critical to improve the competitiveness of European industry and to meet the demands of its society and economy.
ICTs have a catalytic impact in three key areas:

  1. - productivity and innovation, by facilitating creativity and management;
  2. - modernisation of public services, such as health, education and transport;
  3. - advances in science and technology, by supporting cooperation and access to information.

Download the 'ICT Work Programme 2007-08' :The final version of the Work Programme for ICT research in FP7 for 2007 and 2008, as agreed by the Programme Committee, is now available for downloading.

Collaborative Projects (Integrated Projects) Integrated Projects

Multipartner projects to support objective-driven research,
where the primary deliverable is knowledge for new products, processes, services etc.
They should bring together a critical mass of resources to reach ambitious goals aimed either at increasing Europe’s competitiveness or at addressing major societal needs.



Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Platform

P2P-Next develops an open source, efficient, trusted, personalized, user-centric, and participatory television plus media delivery mechanism with social and collaborative connotation using the emerging Peer-to-Peer (P2P) paradigm, which takes into account the existing EU legal framework.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 48 months

2020 3D Media

20-20 3D Media

Spatial Sound and Vision

2020 3D Media will research, develop and demonstrate novel forms of compelling entertainment experiences based on new technologies for the capture, production, networked distribution and display of three-dimensional sound and images. The goal is to explore and develop novel technologies to support the acquisition, coding, editing, networked distribution, and display of stereoscopic and immersive audiovisual content providing novel forms of compelling entertainment at home or in public spaces.

  • Start Date : 01/03/2008
  • Duration : 48 months

TA2 Logo


Together Anywhere, Together Anytime

How can technology help to nurture family-to-family relationships? This is the question asked by the collaborative project “Together Anywhere, Together Anytime” (TA2).

  • Start Date : 01/02/2008
  • Duration : 48 months
Collaborative Projects (Specific Targeted Projects) Specific Targeted Projects

Multipartner research, demonstration or innovation projects. Their purpose is to support research, technological development and demonstration or innovation activities of a more limited scope and ambition, particularly for smaller research actors and participants from candidate countries.



Sound And Music for Everyone Everyday Everywhere Every way

The main objective of the SAME project is to create new end-to-end systems for mobile active, experience-centric, and context-aware active music listening.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 36 months



Content generation and delivery for 3D television

The 3D4YOU project will develop the key elements of a practical 3D television system, particularly, the definition of a 3D delivery format and guidelines for a 3D content creation process. The project will develop 3D capture techniques, convert captured content for broadcasting and develop 3D coding for delivery via broadcast, i.e. suitable to transmit and make public.

  • Start Date : 01/02/2008
  • Duration : 30 months



 Secure, Trusted and Legally Ruled Collaboration Environment in Virtual Life

VirtualLife aims to combine a high quality immersive 3D virtual experience with the trustworthiness of a secure communication infrastructure, focusing on the creation of secure and ruled places within the virtual world where important transactions can occur. The proposed system provides the users the possibility to create and share contents, media, data in a very intuitive way, since all the user action will be performed in a virtual reality environment by sending the commands of an avatar representing the user in a world defined and created by the user himself.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 36 months



The 3D Presence project will implement a multi-party, high-end 3D videoconferencing concept that will tackle the problem of transmitting the feeling of physical presence in real-time to multiple remote locations in a transparent and natural way.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 30 months



Seamless Content Delivery

SEA aims to offer a new experience of seamless video delivery, maintaining the integrity and, wherever applicable, adapting and enriching the quality of the media across the whole distribution chain.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 24 months

MyeDirector 2012

My-e-Director 2012

Real-Time Context-Aware and Personalized Media Streaming Environments for Large Scale Broadcasting Applications

The main idea of My-e-Director is to research and develop a unique interactive broadcasting service enabling end-users to select focal actors and points of interest within real-time broadcasted scenes. The service will resemble an automated ambient intelligent director that will operate with minimal or even without human intervention.

  • Start Date : 01/03/2008
  • Duration : 36 months

Napa Wine


Network-Aware P2P-TV Application over Wise Networks

The NAPA-WINE project aims at:

1. providing a careful analysis of the impact that a large deployment of both general P2P-TV and P2P-HQTV services may have on the Internet, through an in detailed characterization of the traffic they generate;
2. providing guidelines for P2P-TV developers regarding the design of systems that minimize the impact on the underlying transport network while optimizing the user perceived quality;
3. providing a road map for Internet Service Providers to better exploit the network bandwidth by showing simple and minimum cost actions that can be taken in presence of P2P-TV traffic.

  • Start Date : 01/02/2008
  • Duration : 36 months



Adaptative Management of Media Distribution Based on Satisfaction Oriented User Modelling

ADAMANTIUM proposes a Multimedia Content Management System (MCMS) focused on performing dynamic cross-layer adaptations for optimization of the user experience in terms of perceptual quality for IPTV and VoIP services. This multimodal management system will be applied in an integrated and coherent way along all the network layers and delivery-chain nodes based on a user/customer-centric approach rather than a typical engineering one.

  • Start Date : 01/03/2008
  • Duration : 30 months



An European Serious Gaming 3D Environment

PlayMancer will implement a new Serious Game environment, by augmenting existing 3D gaming engines with new possibilities.

  • Start Date : 01/11/2007
  • Duration : 36 months

3D Phone


All 3D Imaging Phone

The 3DPHONE project aims to develop technologies and core applications enabling a new level of mobile 3D experience, by developing an all-3D imaging mobile phone. The aim of the project is to realise all fundamental functions of the phone i.e. media display, user interface (UI), and personal information management (PIM) applications in 3D but usable without any stereo glasses.

  • Start Date : 01/02/2008
  • Duration : 36 months

My Media


Dynamic Personalization of Multimedia

MyMedia will innovate by enabling the creation of media-centric social networks that leverage user generated metadata such as tags and explore other possibilities focused on improving the end user experience such as automatically generated content metadata enrichment. It will pave the way to sharing preferences and recommendation results, in a privacy respecting manner, within communities.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 36 months



Optimisation of Multimedia over wireless Ip links via X-layer design

The OPTIMIX project will focus on studying inovative solutions enabling enhanced video streaming in an IP based wireless heterogeneous system, based on cross layer adaptation of the whole transmission chain.

  • Start Date : 01/03/2008
  • Duration : 36 months



Mobile 3DTV Content Delivery Optimization over DVB-H System

The Mobile3DTV project develops the core elements of the next generation of mobile 3D television. The project scenario assumes that stereoscopic video is captured and converted to a proper content format, then compressed, encapsulated and broadcast to a large audience of mobile users, whose terminal devices receive, decode and display the 3D content.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 36 months



Interactive Networked Experiences in Multimedia for You

The aim of iNEM4U is a networked system that facilitates enhanced multimedia experiences for individuals and communities. It accomplishes this in two ways:

1. It provides a rich and intuitive way for people to consume, share, and interact with multimedia content and communicate about that content; and
2. It extends the range of media available to consumers by flexibly combining media elements and value-added services from different worlds into one interactive multimedia experience, in particular media elements and services from the worlds of broadcasting, IPTV, the web, mobile communications, and consumer electronics.

  • Start Date : 01/01/2008
  • Duration : 27 months
Network Of Excellence (NOE) Network of Excllence

Multipartner projects aimed at strengthening excellence on a research topic by networking the critical mass of resources and expertise. This expertise will be networked around a joint programme of activities aimed primarily at creating a progressive and lasting integration of the research activities of the network partners while, at the same time advancing knowledge on the topic.

Petamedia Logo


Peer-to-peer Tagged Media

The Network of Excellence PetaMedia brings together four strong national research networks in the field of networked media, namely 3TU/NIRICT (Netherlands), MMKM (UK), HC3 (Switzerland) and IM2 (Germany). The core partners of the four networks are internationally renowned for their research in signal processing and networking for multimedia communications. The objectives of PetaMedia are twofold. First, the NoE aims to establish a sustainable European virtual centre of excellence in the area of multimedia processing to which research groups throughout Europe can connect. The second objective is to carry out integrative research in the area of multimedia content access.

  • Start Date : 01/03/2008
  • Duration : 42 months
Specific Support Action (SSA) Specific Support Actions

Single or multipartner activities. Intended to complement the implementation of FP6 and may be used to help in preparations for future Community research policy activities. Within the priority themes, they will support, conferences, seminars, studies and analyses, working groups and expert groups, operational support and dissemination, information and communication activities, or a combination of these.



Support Action for the NEM European Technology Platform

Supporting the Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) European Technology Platform. NEM is an Industrial initiative established by relevant key European stakeholders, which address the convergence of media, communications, consumer electronics, and IT as a wide opportunity for future growth, by taking advantage of generalized broadband access, increased mobility, availability of richer media formats and contents, as well as new home networks and communications platforms.
  • Start Date : 01/10/2007
  • Duration : 24 months



Support Action for an European and Latin American Strategic cooperation on Networked Media RandD

The global aim of the project is to prepare for future concrete partnerships between Europe and Latin American countries. SALA+ will provide support to the implementation of the FP7 ICT Work Programme. In this context, the SALA+ project will encourage entities from Europe and Latin America to cooperate in the Networked Media field through collaborative R&D projects.

  • Start Date : 01/03/2008
  • Duration : 24 months

6th Framework Programme

Information on the R&D projects partially funded in the areas of Networked AV systems and home platforms, in the context of 6th Framework Program ( FP6 ) covering the period 2002-2006, can be found here .

5th Framework Programme

Information on the R&D projects funded in the areas of Interfaces, Simulation & Visualisation Technologies, in the context of 5th Framework Program ( FP5 ), covering the period 1998-2002, can be found here .