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Defining the future R&D Challenges to be funded in the Networked Media Systems research area

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In view of preparation for funding the period 2011-2013 of the Framework Program 7, the Networked Media Systems unit organizes a consultation of all interested sector actors on the future research priorities in the Networked Media Systems research area.

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The"post-i2010" public consultation Priorities for new strategy for European information society (2010-2015) is now open .
The consultation will close the 9th October

Ideas for simplifying the implementation of the EU RTD Framework Programmes
The deadline for the consultation is the 30th September. 

ICT Call 5 has an objective ICT-2009.9.5 Supplements to strengthen cooperation in ICT R7D in an enlarged European Union, which may be of particular interest to coordinators of ongoing ICT research projects (IP or STREP) which finish after the 31st March 2011. It gives them the opportunity to add one or more new partners to their project to expand its activities in or into the new Member states. The introduction of the new partner(s) and their activities could:
• increase the level of expertise available to the project
• broaden its scope
• or speed up its developments
They can communicate their interest in expanding their project to possible partners and to the ICT National Contact Points by completing a brief form which they will find at the following website .
The deadline for ICT Call 5 is MONDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2009 .  

A call for tender for a study on: The economic and societal impact future Internet technologies, services and application will enable in Europe and elsewhere - A quantitative study 2015-2020 - Study in support to the definition of a Public Private Partnership on Future Internet has been launched. Deadline for submission is 12 October 2009
Contact to request the detailed tendering documents: (email removed)

Some figures about Call 4 Framework Programme 7 ICT R&D, Obj. 1.5 – Networked Media and 3D Internet
Our recent call for proposals addressed the following research topics: Content-aware Networks, 3D Media Internet, Networked Search and Retrieval and Immersive media experiences beyond HDTV and electronic cinema. It was very successful and received the highest subscription of the ICT call . We received 139 proposals requesting a total grant of 577M€ (against the 80M€ available). Of the 139, 31 were IPs, 97 were STREPs, 3 were NoEs and 8 were CSA. Only 23 proposals (1 out of 8 STREPs and less than 1 out of 6 Integrated Projects) could be retained and are currently under negotiation . The size of the projects selected as an average is 3 M€ grant for STREPs and 8.6 M€ grant for Integrated Projects (IPs).

The current estimation for Internet penetration rates for all the geographic regions, countries and territories of our planet is estimated at 1,668,870,408, with a percentage of 24.7% of the world population . In Europe Internet reaches 50.1% of the population, with a growth percentage in the period 2000-2009 of 282.9%, in North America it reaches 73.9%, with a growth percentage in the same period of 132.9%. In Africa penetration rate is 6.7% of the population, with a growth percentage in the same period of 1359.9%!!! The Middle East also scores an impressive growth rate of 1360.2%, with Syria and Iran "exploding" respectively with 11783.3% and 9100%!!!!

Speed competition between a carrier pigeon and Internet connection in South Africa.
And the winner is…

A Durban IT company, following the complaint of one of its employees, challenged a carrier pigeon to deliver a 4GB memory stick faster that what would be required by the ADSL service from the country's biggest web firm, Telkom.
Winston the pigeon took two hours to carry the data 60 miles away. In the same time the ADSL had sent only 4% of the data. The web firm declined any responsibility for the slow internet speed. Source: BBC News .

Hearing at Home at the "City of Science" exhibition
The project has a booth at the permanent exhibition at the castle place (Schlossplatz) in Oldenburg, Germany , where visitors can experience themselves how hearing impairment would be like and how a system using the HaH technologies would help them. A video explaining this can be found also on youtube .

TA2 demonstration of "Telepresence for the living room for family game applications of the highest audio quality" took place at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) 2009 in Berlin from 4-9 September 2009.- Press Release

On 3 June 2009, a successful cross cluster collaboration took place at EuroITV in Leuven , with representatives from seven projects mostly from the User Centric Media cluster ( Citizen Media, UNIC, ANSWER, iNEM4U, My eDirector 2012, PetaMedia, TA2 ).The workshop was organized by the FP7 Integrating Project TA2, (Together Anywhere, Together Anytime) on the theme of " Enhancing Social Communication and Belonging by Integrating TV Narrativity and Game-Play " and discussed how ICT can help enable social communication by borrowing thinking from two existing social activities; television and play. More information about the workshop and all papers and results can be found here .
The report is now available on the TA2 Web from the conference page .  

CHORUS Final Conference videos are available!
The CHORUS Final Conference was attended by more than 100 international experts from 15 European countries, the US, Japan and Australia, in the field of Multi-Media Search engines and Internet applications and services. In addition, experts from the European Commission explained the objectives of the Commission in this area. The conference was accompanied by a stand exhibition of 16 current research projects. Check the video here . You can also download the presentations here .

The MyMedia Collaborative Research Project Announces the Public Release of Recommender System Software.
The project, led by the European Microsoft Innovation Centre (EMIC), based in Aachen, Germany, is exploring the use of intelligent recommender system technology to identify multimedia content such as TV and Radio programs suited to individual users' personal tastes and interests . EMIC, the coordinator of the project, together with the BBC, BT, Microgenésis, Novay, Eindhoven Technical University and the University of Hildesheim, is developing technology to help make sense of the vast amount of multimedia information available today and to avoid information overload .

SEA Signalling Media Decoding solution has entered the status of IETF RFC.
The SEA consortium announces that the SEA signalling solution has been awarded the approval from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and entered the status of an IETF RFC in the "standards track" category. Supported by the SEA project (FP7-ICT- 214063) Thomas Schierl (HHI) has co-authored the RFC 5583 "Signaling Media Decoding Dependency in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)".
It is worth to mention that RFCs (Request for Comments) are memorandums which after extended peer review of the Internet Society, are published by theIETF. RFCs describe methods, behaviors, research, or innovations applicable to the working of the Internet and Internet-connected systems.
By getting the RFC status together with the unique RFC number, the SEA
Signalling Media Decoding Dependency achieves the maximum dissemination Level in the Internet Community. Companies and researchers all over the world are expected to comply and use the proposed signalling solution or comment on the RFC.
For more info:

P2P-Next Project presents Internet-HD quality end-to-end streaming distribution of professional content to low-cost STB hardware at IBC 2009
The P2P-Next research project has s uccessfully released and tested the latest version of their P2P live streaming technology . This new technology allows everyone to broadcast a live stream , such as a webcam feed or TV channel, to millions of Internet users . Key is the bandwidth efficiency of this technology, by expanding the proven BitTorrent protocol you can stream to thousands of people using roughly the same amount of bandwidth as for a single user.

Networked Media Current Research, Results and Future Trends.
The new brochure (sept 2009) by the Networked Media Systems Unit. The publication presents an overview of the projects supported by the Networked Media Systems unit and sketches future trends in the field of Networked Media technologies. ( Click here to get your free copy!

Future Internet and NGN Design requirements and principles
for a Future Media Internet
The main objective of the discussions and analysis leading to this document was to compare identified design requirements and principles of the Future Internet (FI) against the known design requirements and principles of the NGN (Next Generation Network) initiative by ETSI TISPAN. The document is based on discussions carried out by a selected group of experts from the Future Media Internet Task Force (FMI-TF) in liaison with the Future Content Networks (FCN) session of the future Internet Assembly (FIA). ( Click here to get your free copy !) 

Research on Future Media Internet
This White Paper reflects the consolidated opinion of 36 experts from the EU and the USA on aspects related to the Future Media Internet (FMI), under the guidance of the Networked Media Systems Unit of the Information Society and Media Directorate General of the European Commission. More specifically, this paper describes the challenges provisioned by the experts for the upcoming years, concerning the FMI,
along with potential scenarios, paying specific attention to its provisional network and 3D content characteristics.( Click here to get your free copy !)

FIA book 2009 published - The Future Internet Assembly published a book titled: " Towards the Future Internet - A European Research Perspective" , edited by Georgios Tselentis, John Domingue, Alex Galis, Anastasius Gavras, David Hausheer, Srdjan Krco, Volkmar Lotz, Theodore Zahariadis. The book is available online .

24-25 September 2009
The Networked Media Systems Unit will hold two focal workshops in September in Brussels as part of their consultation activities:
- ' The Future of Networked Immersive Media ' on September 24th, 2009.
- 'Broadcast driven Media in the Future Internet' on September 25th, 2009.
- A final consultation workshop will take place on the 19 of January 2009.
We will inform you of the main outcomes of the workshop in the next issue of the newsletter.

28-30 September 2009
2009 NEM Summit , Saint-Malo, France.
Building upon the success of its 1st edition (400+ attendees, 65 speakers and over 50 exhibitors - see the post event survey results), the 2009 NEM Summit will be a major event in the NEM and ICT fields allowing visitors to network and share information/views on R&D status and perspectives , identify future trends , and further discuss opportunities for research collaboration. We will also be there!

6-7 October Casagras
Living in tomorrow’s Internet of Things world, London United-Kingdom

CASAGRAS , is a EU FP7 project, is on the future development of RFID and the Internet of Things .

13-15 October 2009
2nd EU-Japan Future Internet Symposium , Tokyo, Japan.

The 2nd EU-Japan Future Internet Symposium is a research/scientific conference brining together domain specific and top-level experts from the EU and Japan. The programme features 11 different sessions covering all aspects of a Future Internet , such as architecture, services, security, mobility, photonics, sensors, but also issues such as green IT, socio-economic aspects and test beds.

15-16 Ocotber 2009
3D Media workshop , Berlin, Germany
The 3D Workshop is jointly organised by the German national project PRIME, by the European IST/ICT Projects 3DTV, 3D4YOU, 2020 3D MEDIA, MOBILE3DTV, 3DPHONE, 3DPRESENCE, GAMES@LARGE, MUTED, Helium3D, the ITG and Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut.

19-20 October 2009
Global forum 2009 , Bucharest, Romania
COLLABORATIVE CONVERGENCE & FUTURE OF INTERNET New Challenges to stimulate and (re)thinking Economy

21-23 Ocotober 2009
eChallenges 2009 , Istanbul, Turkey
The goal of e-2009 is to stimulate rapid take-up of Research and Technology Development ( RTD ) results by industry and in particular SMEs, and help open up the European Research Area ( ERA ) to the rest of the world.

28-30 October 2009 Andicom , Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Andicom Congres s is the gateway to Latin-American ICT industry, one of the most important academic and business meetings in the region.

09-10 November 2009
Future TV 2009 , Paris, France.
Future TV , an international event for players in the TV market , takes place on 9 & 10 November in the continuity of the Summer festival of the Digital City ” Futur en Seine ” in Paris. Future TV is jointly organized by the French business clusters Cap Digital and Media & Networks.

18-21 November 2009
AmI-09 : Roots for the Future of Ambient Intelligence, Salzburg, Austria
Industrial Case studies is one of the categories in the program. We believe that this category is especially of interest for FP7 ICT projects to disseminate relevant results.

23-24 November 2009
Future Internet Assembly , Stockholm, Sweden.

In conjunction with the Swedish Presidency of the European Union the next Future Internet Assembly conference will be held in Stockholm and Kista Science City on November 23-24, 2009. The conference is hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

9-11 December 2009
UCMEDIA 2009 , Venice, Italy

The first International ICST Conference on User Centric Media conference will support inventive and creative practices in the arts , in science , in engineering and in business by encouraging publications that will help us to understand, to predict and to enable trends in media that are related to: overwhelming volumes of content , user generated content , changing distribution mechanisms and changing representations of media.

A Communication on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Future Internet is set to be adopted by the Commission shortly.
The Partnership aims at promoting an increasing mobilization of industrial stakeholders around a common innovation-driven policy agenda. With an overall budget of €300m over a period of three years, it is intended as a complement to on-going research programmes under the FP7 ICT work programme.
Follow this link to read the official announcement made by Commissioner Viviane Reding in July












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