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Consultation Workshop

In view of preparation of the Framework Program 7 for period 2011-2013, the Networked Media Systems unit organizes a consultation workshop of all interested sector actors on the future research priorities in the Networked Media Systems research area. The workshop will be held on January 19th  2010 in Brussels .

The goal of the consultation workshop is to define R&D challenges, addressing the networked media sector requirements and EU priorities for collaborative projects supported under the ICT priority of the Seventh Framework Programme (period 2011-2013). Commission Communication on the 7th Framework Program .

This workshop is the last stone on the consultation process started on September with two focal workshops on immersive Media and broadcasting in the Future internet and complemented with the open web consultation.

The summary report from this workshop and all the received web consultation inputs will contribute to the design of the future R&D work programmes in the field of networked media for the period 2011-2013.

Venue Avenue de Beaulieu 25 1160 Auderghem  Room 0/S1 Practical Informations to get there

Who is to be invited as speaker? The authors of the most interesting and relevant contributions to the web consultation will be invited to discuss their views at the consultation workshop on 19 January 2010 in Brussels. If you want to be a speaker, you have to send your input through the web consultation before December 11st 2009

The selected speakers will be contacted before Christmas so that they can prepare their presentations.

Who can attend this workshop?

This workshop is open until the capacity limit of the venue is reached. No registration fee is charged. However, if you want to be a speaker, you have to send your input through the web consultation before December 11st 2009.


The invited speakers will present their contributions on future R&D challenges and priorities at EU level in the networked media systems. There will be representatives of all the sector actors (industry, university, public and private research centers). The presentations will have medium to long term perspective (2015 to 2020) with emphasis on Innovative technologies, systems and architectures for -
- The Future Media Internet.
- Ubiquitous multimedia networking.
- Multimedia search and retrieval.
- Immersive experiences in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments.
- Innovative applications (e.g. entertainment, gaming, etc.).
- Personal environments including extended home and social networks.
- Multi-technology integration and convergence of broadcasting, content provision, telecommunications, consumer electronics and Future Internet.
- Other innovative research ideas at the crossroads of networking and media.

Tentaive agenda
Time     Subject     Speaker
10:30 Networked Media Systems RTD. Mr. Luis Rodríguez-Roselló , Acting Director Converged Networks & Services
11:00 Consultation process for the WP 2011-12 Mr. Isidro laso Ballesteros , Project Officer Networked Media Sytems
11:20 NEM Strategic Research Agenda Vali Lalioti (BBC), Ralf Neudel (IRT)
11:30 The Future Media Internet Research Challenges Federico Alvarez (Universidad Politecnica Madrid) - "New content-centric and user-centric network architectures based on multidisciplinary research convergence" , Miguel Rio (University College London) - "Content-centric Networks: Media Drivers and Network Research Challenges", Ilka Miloucheva (MediaTechResearch) - "Flexible management of mission critical network media" , Boris Moltchanov (Telecom Italia) - "Context-awareness impacts on the European research" , Adolfo Rosas (Telefonica) - "Future for internet streaming media" , Theodore Zahariadis (Synelixis Solutions) - "New Media & Media Formats for Future Media Internet"
12:40 Ubiquitous multimedia networking George Pavlou (University College London) - "Towards Future Self-managed Content-centric Networks", Ebroul Izquierdo (Queen Mary University of London) - "Codes, Peers and Mates Media processing meets future networks" , Juan Quemada (Universidad Politecnica Madrid) - "Ubiquitous Social Media in the Cloud" , Ning Wang (University of Surrey) - "Thoughts on Future Networking and Network Management for Ubiquitous Media Delivery" , Moustafa Hassnaa (France Telecom) - "Smart and Ubiquitous Audio-visual and Multimedia Services" , Francisco Javier Ramon Salguero (Telefonica) - "Content Mediation for Efficient Traffic Distribution"
13:40 Lunch   
14:40 Multimedia search and retrieval Pavel Zezula (Masaryk University) - "Similarity Access for Networked Media Connectivity" , Julien Masanes (European Archive Foundation) - "Webscale data for Research" , Xavier Vives (Catalan Broadcasting Corp) - "Multimedia search and retrieval priorities in a Professional Broadcast Environment"
15:20 Immersive experiences in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann & Dimitris Protopsaltou (University of Geneva) - "Connected 3D Fashion Experiences" , Stefano Tubaro (Politecnico di Milano) - "Multimodal Enactive Interaction in Virtualized Experiences" , Thorsten Herfet (Saarland University) - "The 3D Media Internet; Challenges and Solution Paths" , Holger Graf (Fraunhofer) - "Immersive Media and 3D Internet - Future Challenges and Solutions" , Oliver Nuria (Telefonica) - "Research Challenges and Opportunities in Personal Multimedia: Mobile, Multi-Modality, Content+Context and Aesthetics" , Tor Dokken (SINTEF) - "Compact Shape Representations for Improved Performance of 3D Networked Immersive Media"
16:20 Other topics:
- Personal environments
- Multi-technology integration and convergence of broadcasting

- Antonio Camurri (University of Genoa) - "Three thoughts on FI:
1- Embodied social media
2- Ideology of present: is there the past in FI?
3- UCM for Health and for Cultural Heritage"

- Graham Thomas (BBC) - "Broadcast-related challenges: Increasing quality and interactivity of audio-visual media"
16:40 Next steps and closing Mr. Bartolomé Arroyo Fernández , Deputy Head of Unit Networked Media Systems
17:00 End of the workshop
The results of the web consultation and the workshop will be made public.
Download the Webconsultation contributions here
Download the minutes of the workshop here

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