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Information & Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

Benefits of Participating in the ICT programme

Participating in the ICT programme brings numerous benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Benefits for all types of organisations:
    • Considerable opportunity for generation and acquisition of knowledge in leading edge ICT through participation in international consortia with diverse, established and innovative partners;
    • Opportunities to generate new intellectual properties .
  • Benefits for companies, small, medium and large:
    • Potential to increase competitive edge and create new business opportunities that leverage next generation ICT , and participating in the advancement of same;
    • Potential to identify new international markets through new opportunities presented by project activities in diverse regions.
  • Benefits specific for SMEs:
    • EU financial contribution in FP7 for SMEs covers up to 75% of their costs (compared to 50% for other organisations participating in FP7 ICT projects);
    • Simplification and rationalisation of programme procedures in FP7 reduces bureaucratic ‘overhead’ for SMEs participating in ICT research activities.
  • Benefits for academic organisations:
    • Exposure to new perspectives, ideas and approaches from other internationally established academic organisation, as well as from private sector partners in a consortium;
    • Increased opportunities for contributing to, and organising of, respected international conferences ;
    • New opportunities for research to be published in internationally respected journals;
    • Funding to hire new staff and secure necessary facilities for performing research.