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Optimising your project's website for Search Engines

Steps to ensure your site is well placed in search engines results for relevant keywords:

    • Ensure each page has a unique <title> tag in the HTML Header.
      • The Title tag should contain semantically strong, non-generic words that are fully relevant to the content of that page.
      • The recommended length for title tags is 70 characters or less
    • Ensure each page has a unique <meta description="….."> tag in the HTML Header. The text of the description tag should be longer and more descriptive than the Title tag but no longer than 2 sentences.
    • Ensure every partner in your consortium links to the project's website from their own website.
    • Structure your text by placing headings within <h1> tags, sub heading within <h2> tags and paragraphs between <p> tags.
    • Do not embed key information in a Flash file (as search engines have problems in indexing content in Flash files).
    • Do not use HTML Frames for your navigation bar.
    • Provide a 'site map' with text links and ensure it:
      • Links to all important pages on the site
      • Is linked to from all pages (e.g. from the navigation bar or in each page's footer).
    • Do not pay any service to 'Submit your site to search engines'. If your site is linked to from other sites (e.g. from the website of partners in the consortium) then all the leading search engines will find your website.