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Information & Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

Creating an ICT Project

Planning and developing an ICT project proposal requires several aspects to be taken into account. Below is a non-exhaustive, non-prescriptive list to be considered:

  • Identification of research areas in the ICT workprogramme that are aligned with the competencies, areas of activity and mid- to long-term strategic goals of your organisation. Take care to note the anticipated periods when calls for proposals in your area(s) of interests are scheduled to be launched.
  • Confirm that the funding mechanisms available are appropriate for your goals.
  • Identify other organisations that are complementary in terms of skills and perspective for achieving the research ideas under consideration.
  • Build a quality international consortium that:
    • Meets the minimum participation rules for the specific call for proposals you are targeting. These will be detailed in formal documents associated with each call and published by the relevant Commission service;
    • Has a mix of different types of organisations (e.g. academic, user organisations, industrial companies, SMEs, etc.) appropriate for advancing the goals of the proposed project;
    • Has the right mix of competencies and track record to carry out and manage the proposed research.
  • Familiarise the consortium with specific guidance documentation and templates published by the Commission for the targeted call for proposals.
  • Draft a comprehensive proposal document that adheres to the guidelines published by the relevant Commission service.
  • Submit the proposal to the European Commission in line with the deadline indicated for the targeted call for proposals.

There are numerous other aspects and ways to approach the creation of a project proposal, which will vary depending on many factors, such as the research area targeted, the type of organisation, the size of the organisation, the number of partners in a consortium, the type of research project proposed. The ICT National Contact Points (NCPs) can provide comprehensive guidance for the specific and unique circumstances for your consortium or organisation.