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Photonics innovation clusters and national technology platforms

Distribution of Photonics clusters (grey stars) and National Technology Platforms (white stars) in Europe.

The European photonics landscape is characterised by the presence of high-level research groups in public research centres and universities and also by strong industries in both SMEs and large companies. Most of these are clustered around so called "regional innovation clusters" and "national technology platforms", which play a catalytic role in the further development of photonics in Europe. These clusters and platforms are partnerships that have the necessary critical mass in terms of size and range of activities and which have usually received some sort of political recognition to act on behalf of their members in order to combine and focus resources (R&D, education and training, innovation, financing) at regional or national level to set strategic directions. The present status of development, R&D and training activities and involvement in the regional, national and/or European innovation policy of photonics innovation clusters and national technology platforms is reported in a working document entitled ' An overview of photonics innovation clusters and national technology platforms in Europe ' delivered by the Photonics unit in June 2010. The document also addresses issues related to future development potential and opportunities for further growth of photonics clusters and national technology platforms.



Cluster and National Technology platform meetings

In order to facilitate the exchange of best practise between photonics clusters and national technology platforms and to support their activities, the Photonics Unit organises annual meetings with representatives of the photonics regional innovation clusters and national technology platforms. Aim of these meetings is to create an environment where the clusters/platforms can exchange information on best practice activities in research and innovation and discuss topics of potential interest for them including: financing and investment, education and training, research priority, research infrastructure and services.

  • List of photonics clusters, national platforms and centres of epxertise existing in Europe

Previous Meetings


Everyone involved or interested in clusters/platforms activities is encouraged to attend the meetings. For information and enrolments please contact: Gabriella Leo (email removed)