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Photonics & Organic Electronics

Concertation meeting on Nano-Photonics
Florence, 12-13 February 2009, Italy


The objectives of this event were: 

  • Hot topics in Nanophotonics;
  • How to market research results;
  • Updating the Nanophotonics Roadmap;
  • Brokerage event: ICT Call-4 Objective "Organic photonics and other disruptive photonics technologies";
  • To contribute towards building a European Photonics community;
  • To encourage the exchange of information and best-practice between projects;
  • To engage the actors in a discussion on topics and challenges of common interest;
  • To contribute to the reflection on the future European Photonics policies and strategies;
  • To provide feedback on the implementation of the Framework Program; and
  • To achieve synergy and cross-fertilization among projects.

The meeting was organised by  CNR - The National Research Council of Italy, Department of Materials and Devices (Florence). The event was in principle open to any member of the European Photonics community. Participants from the Photonics related projects funded under the ICT Thematic Priority were allowed to charge their costs of participation on their project budget.

Please do not forget to REGISTER if you plan to attend the event and declare if you are attending only the event or also the conference dinner and the guided tour of CNR - REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED!

Please note that the organiser asked you for a financial contribution of 130€ (180€ respectively if you also attend the conference dinner) to cover the costs for the rental of the meeting facilities, catering and local transport. Please contact Dr. Stefano Pelli (email removed)  to give you the bank account details where you will need to transfer the registration fees. Alternatively you could have paid cash on site.  


Grand Hotel Baglioni

Piazza Unità Italiana 6,

Florence Italy

Tel: +39-055-23580

Fax: +39-055-23588895




Thursday 12th February 2009     

10:00 - Registration and Coffee

10:30 - Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Gustav Kalbe (European Commission) 
Prof. Giancarlo Righini (CNR)
10:45 - Italian Photonics Platform
Prof. Giancarlo Righini (CNR)
11:00 - Forum: Maintaining a European Nano-Photonics Roadmap
Prof. Clivia Sotomayor-Torres (PHOREMOST)
Mr. Laurent Fulbert (MONA)
Dr. Goran Markovic (PhotonicRoadSME)
12:15 - Hot-topics in Nano-Photonics
1. Biophotonics: a tool connecting the nano to macro world (Leonardo Sacconi, LENS) ( Abstract )
2. Gold nanoparticles as selective transducers in Bio-Photonics (Fulvio Ratto, IFAC CNR) ( Abstract )

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Hot-topics in Nano-Photonics
3. Single molecules coupled to nanoantennas - nanoscale Control of Excitation and Emission (Tim H. Taminiau, ICFO)
4. Second Harmonic generation from bacteria/metallo-dielectric interfaces (Alessandro Belardini, Uni Roma I) ( Abstract )
5. Light included 3D structuring for photonic systems and devices (Henning Markoetter, TU Berlin) ( Abstract )
6. Ultra-thin metal electrodes for optoelectronics and photovoltaics (Dhriti Ghosh, ICFO) ( Abstract )
7. Nanophotonic applications enabled by nanoimprint lithography (Tapio Niemi, ORC Univ. Tampere) ( Abstract )
8. 3D plasmonic metamaterials at optical frequencies  (Na Liu, Univ. Stuttgart) ( Abstract )

16:00 - Coffee Break

16:30 - Forum: How to convert a research result into a product
Mr. David Pointer (CEO Point-Source)
Dr. Gregoire Ribordy (CEO idQuantique)

18:00 - Meeting ends    

20:00 - Conference Dinner


Friday 13th February 2009


09:00 - Hot-topics in Nano-Photonics
9.  Nanophotonic components based on dielectric plasmonic waveguides (Tobias Holmgaard, Univ. Aalborg) ( Abstract )
10. Atomic-scale optical tweezers (Antoine Browaeys, Institut d' Optique) ( Abstract )
11. Entaglement assisted metrology (Jurgen Appel, Univ. Copenhagen) ( Abstract )
12. Implementing single-photon creation and annihilation operators for fundamental tests of quantum physics (Alessandro Zavatta, INOA CNR) ( Abstract )
13. Multi-level transitions in ultrafast quantum dot lasers (Maria-Ana Cataluna, Univ. Dundee) ( Abstract )

10:30 - Coffee Break    

11:00 - Hot-topics in Nano-Photonics 

14. Silicon nanophotonics plus (Philippe Velha, Univ. Glasgow) ( Abstract )
15. Silicon nanophotonic racetrack resonators for biosensing  (Tom Claes, IMEC-Ghent University)
16. Silicon nanophotonics for THz applications (Michael Nagel, RWTH Aachen) ( Abstract )
17. Active photonic crystals on SOI (Yacine Halioua, CNRS-LPN) ( Abstract )
18. Micro and nano structures in optical fibres (Xian Feng, ORC Southampton) ( Abstract )

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - FP7-ICT Call 4 (Dr. Gustav Kalbe, European Commission)

Evaluation - How to write a good proposal
Scope of Objective ICT-2009.3.8 "Organic Photonics and Other Disruptive Photonics Technologies"

16:00 - Meeting ends 

16:30 - Departure to CNR
17:00 - Presentation and visit of CNR
19:00 - End of visit