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Concertation meeting - FP7 Photonics projects
Barcelona, 18-19 September 2008, Spain

This event was the second of this kind, and concentrated this time on the 27 new FP7 projects launched following ICT call 2. The meeting was organised by ICFO - 'The Institute of Photonics Sciences' in Hotel Hesperia Presidente (Barcelona).

The event was well attended, with close to 100 registered participants, whereof the vast majority stayed till the end of the event. About 60% of the participants were not from one of the FP7 projects invited to give a presentation. The audience included representatives from the specialized press (OLE Magazine, Nature Photonics), the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

A first impression collected from the participants indicates that bringing together the projects at regular intervals at a concertation meeting is of high added value for the projects. The format of the event was considered to be appropriate. The balance of technical presentations with more political ones (about administration of FP7 projects, implementing a consistent publication strategy, coordination of national photonics activities, indications of the future research directions of the photonics unit) was appreciated. Nevertheless some participants expressed the need for more round-table discussions.

An Informal discussion with representatives from the scientific press, in presence of the PHOTONICS21 secretariat, permitted to explore avenues for an effective publication of the work done by the European photonics constituency in general and the EU funded projects in particular.

Final Agenda + Presentations

See Final Agenda and presentations below:


Thursday 18th September 2008

10:00 - Registration and Coffee

11:00 - Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Gustav Kalbe (European Commission)
Prof. Lluis Torner (ICFO)

11:15 - Plenary (chair: Gustav Kalbe)

- Guidelines on FP7 Project Management (30') (Eddy Corthals, European Commission)
- Promoting and Disseminating project achievements (15') (Anna Katrami, European Commission)
- PHOREMOST: example of a successful project publicity :
"What difference did it make for my project?" (30') (Gon ç al Badenes, PHOREMOST)
- Photonics21/Phorce21 (30') (Markus Wilkens, VDI)


13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Project Presentation (15' each) (chair: Anna Katrami)

PhotonicRoadSME (Dr. Goran Markovic, Steinbeis Europa Z.)
PhotonFab (Prof. Roel Baets, IMEC)
Helios (Laurent Fulbert, CEA-LETI)
Photonics4Life (Prof. Dr. Juergen Popp, University of Jena)
Mirsurg (Dr. Valentin Petrov, MBI Berlin)
Fastdot (Dr. Edik Rafailov, University of Dundee)


16:00 - Coffee break

16:30 - Project Presentations (continued - 15' each) (chair: Anna Katrami)

Subtune (Prof. Peter Meissner, TU Damstadt)
Delight (Dr. Michail Dimitrescu, TUT)
Opther (Prof. Aldo Di Carlo, University of Rome)
Icu (Dr. Frank Niklaus, KTH)
Musis (Dr. Stefan Kundermann, Bosch)
Intopsense (PhD Daniel Hill, NTC)
18:00 - Meeting Ends
19:00 - Departure to Dinner
19:30 - A glance at the Art Museum of Catalonia
20:30 - Conference Dinner: Montjuic Palace
22:30 - Montjuic Fountain Water & Light Show
23:00 - Departure to Hotel


Friday 19thSeptember 2008

08:30 - Registration and Coffee

09:00 - Project Presentations (continued - 15' each) (chair: Gustav Kalbe)
Eurofos (Efstratios Kehayas, NTUA)
Phasors (Prof. D. Richardson, Southampton University)
Boom (Dr. Leontios Stampoulidis, NTUA)
Historic (Prof. Geert Morthier, IMEC)
Visit (Dr. A.G.Hopfer, TU Berlin)
POF-Plus (Prof. R. Gaudino, Politechnico Torino)


10:30 - Coffee break
11:00 - Project Presentations (continued - 15' each) (chair: Gustav Kalbe)
Gigawam (Dr. Magnus Breidne, Ignis Photonyx A/S)
Apache (Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos, NTUA)
Marise (Mohand Achouche, III-V Lab)
Minigas (Dr. Pentti Karioja, VTT)
Phosfos (Prof. Francis Berghmans, VUB)
Senshy (Johannes Koeth, Nanoplus GmbH)
Dotsense (Dr. Gerhard Muller, EADS) (Dr. Stefan Grabowski, PHILIPS)
13:00 - Lunch
14:30 - Plenary (chair: Gustav Kalbe)
- Coordination of national photonics activities (15') (Dr. Gabriella Leo, European Commission)
- An example from Spain - Fotonica21 (15') (Jorge Julian Sanchez Martinez)
- FP7-ICT-Photonics Workprogramme 2009-2010 (Dr. Gustav Kalbe, European Commission)
- Nanophotonics Roadmap (Prof. Clivia Sotomayor-Torres, ICREA Research / Tyndall National Institute)
18:00 - Meeting Ends
19:00 - Departure to Dinner
19:30 - A glance at the Art Museum of Catalonia
20:30 - Conference Dinner: Montjuic Palace
22:30 - Montjuic Fountain Water & Light Show
23:00 - Departure to Hotel