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Calls for tender for studies in the field of Photonics and Organic and large-area electronics (OLAE)

SMART 2010/0066

Call title: Photonics technologies and markets for a low-carbon economy (OJ 2010/S 87-129569)

Final published report can be downloaded here (Zip file containing summary report, annexes 1-5)

  • Summary report - Photonics Technologies and Markets for a Low Carbon Economy 
  • Annex 1 Photovoltaics Technologies and Applications
  • Annex 2 Energy Efficient Lighting and Displays Technologies and Applications
  • Annex 3 Energy Efficient Communications Technologies and Applications
  • Annex 4 Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation Technologies and Applications
  • Annex 5 Clean Manufacturing Technologies and Applications

Short description: The study's principal goal is to analyse Europe's market status in areas of photonics particularly relevant for building a future low-carbon economy such as energy-efficient lighting, photovoltaics or all-optical communications, and their potential for further development. The study should focus in particular on identifying and analysing: (a) promising new photonic technology developments that could become available for market deployment in the next 5 years; (b) the barriers that would need to be overcome to translate the deployment of these new technologies into significant market shares. Based on this analysis the study should recommend possible fields of action needed at European and national level that would address existing barriers and further develop the innovation capacity and opportunities of Europe's photonics industry.

Technical details:

  • Call identifier: OJ 2010/S 87-129569
  • Publication Date: 05 May 2010
  • Deadline: 18 June 2010 at 16:00:00 (Brussels local time)
  • Budget: EUR 200 000
  • Prior information notice OJ: 2009/S 247-353250
  • Contract notice OJ: 2010/S 87-129569
  • Details and forms are available here

SMART 2009/0066

Call title: The leverage effect of photonics technologies: the European perspective (2009/S 89-127602)

Final published report can be downloaded here

Short description: The study's principal goal is to investigate the leverage effect of photonics, particularly as applied to the European situation, to illustrate the degree to which this affects the development of new markets and to assess the potential economic and environmental impact of photonics technology take-up. As part of the study, technologies, processes, applications or devices which depend on photonics technologies in their manufacture or require it to operate, without necessarily having a photonic component embedded in the final system, will need to be surveyed.

Press :

Technical details:

  • Call identifier: 2009/S 89-127602
  • Publication Date: 09 May 2009
  • Deadline: 17 July 2009 at 16:00:00 (Brussels local time)
  • Budget: EUR 160 000
  • Pre-information notice OJ: 2009/S 41-058800
  • Contract notice OJ: 2009/S 89-127602