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Information & Communication Technologies

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- See the ICT Work Programme 2011-12 for a full description of each objective.

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Information and Communication Technologies


ICT Challenge 3: Alternative Paths to Components and Systems

Components, systems and engineering

  • Challenge 3 covers nanoelectronics and photonics, the heterogeneous integration of these key enabling technologies with related components and systems, as well as advanced computing and control systems at a higher level. Energy-, resource- and cost efficiency as well as recycling/end of life issues are major drivers across the Challenge. Its overall aims are:

    • to reinforce European industrial leadership in these key enabling technologies

    • to enable further integration and cross-fertilisation of key enabling technologies towards building energy- and resource-efficient components and systems

    • to expand Europe's industrial leadership in embedded and mobile computing systems

    • to promote inter-disciplinary R&I activities by bringing together different research domains and constituencies with the aim of increasing impact and of bridging to Horizon 2020;

    Check LATEST CALLS related to challenge 3 (ICT WP 2011-12)

  • A detailed description on what we are looking for can be found under the WorkProgramme 2013.