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Information & Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies


ICT Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trustworthy Network and Service Infrastructures

Information Day - 26/02/2007

ICT Work Programme 2007/08

Specific to Challenge 1 and to Call 1

Venue: European Commission, Bâtiment Charlemagne, Meeting Room S3,
170 rue de la Loi, Brussels ( practical info )

List of participants ( 82KB )


We assume that participants to this event will have read the documents related to call 1, such as the call text, the work programme and the applicable guidelines. All documents are available at: FP7 calls information

8:00-9:00 Registration and welcome coffee

9:00-9:15 Welcome and Introduction to Challenge 1. J. da Silva ( 1.199KB )

9:15-9:45 Evaluation (criteria, process, timing ) T. McKinlay ( 180KB )

9:45-10:45 Vision, strategy and perspective for a portfolio approach
(European technology platforms, cutting across objectives, etc.) J. da Silva

Scenario for the objectives (10' each):

1.1. The network of the future. R. Zimmermann ( 110KB )
1.2. Service and software architectures, infrastructures and engineering. J. Villasante ( 504KB )
1.3. ICT in support of the networked enterprise. G. Santucci ( 99KB )
1.4. Secure, dependable and trusted infrastructures. J. Bus ( 490KB )
1.5. Networked media. L. Rordíguez-Roselló ( 105KB )

10:45-10:50 How the day continues / Break for the parallel sessions

11:00-17:00 Parallel Sessions with Q/A:

Obj 1.1 The network of the future
Obj 1.2 Service and software architectures, infrastructures and engineering
Obj 1.3 ICT in support of the networked enterprise
Obj 1.4 Secure, dependable and trusted infrastructures
Obj 1.5 Networked media

The sessions, held in parallel and in different locations, aim at providing more concrete details of each objective, they will allow for potential proposers to present outline proposals, and they facilitate an exchange of information through Q/A . A more detailed schedule for the parallel sessions will become available shortly prior to the event.

"The infoday is free of charge. Attendants participate at their own cost, the European Commission does not foresee reimbursement of cost!"

Contact Information

In case you have questions related to this e-Service, or the organisation of the meeting, or concerning any information processed in the context of the meeting, or on your rights, feel free to contact the support team, operating under the responsibility of the Controller, using the following contact information: Infso Audio Visual