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Information & Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

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Helping young people choose ICT careers

Europe has a long tradition of research and innovation linked to information and communication technology (ICT), from Gutenberg’s printing press to the success of the GSM mobile phone standard and the world-wide-web.

But are new media and the internet exciting enough to attract young people to pursue science and engineering careers? Do they even know what steps to take to get into this field and what they can expect as a career?

The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) scheme of the European Commission wants to help young people to understand what their options are, and bring across some of the excitement of people who have a passion for science and technology.

FET House is a website and application that showcases topics typically covered by some of the most advanced research projects in Europe, such as zero-power computation and communication, robotics, quantum technology, understanding the brain, and data privacy. These themes will be linked to demos, videos and catchy write-ups of a selection of related projects, as well as to people working in the field who are able to excite others about their work.

Through their experience and career stories, these people will act as mentors to young visitors to the FET House’s, inviting them to ask questions, post contributions in the forum, and ultimately to take up the challenge of a career in future technologies themselves. Using the site’s tools and channels, it may even be possible to arrange for real-life visits, to give young people first-hand experience of a lab working on cutting-edge technology.

It will be especially useful for classroom discussions, individual exploration by aspiring students, and for those who like reading real stories about real people who had to make similar decisions to what they are facing now. And while they are at it, the young people might learn a bit about new and emerging technologies coming out of the EU, and how they contribute to our lives and livelihoods.

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  • Assignment: Choose two projects and describe what they are trying to achieve and how they want to achieve it.
      a) Do you think this is good for society? Why?
      b) Using the internet, can you find similar projects from the US or from Asia? If you do – compare the projects.
      Which is more useful? Which is better presented?
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