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A small selection of  past articles about the FET Flagship projects in the media.

03 August 2013
The Economist

Neuromorphic computing.The machine of a new soul
Computers will help people to understand brains better.
And understanding brains will help people to build better computers

17 July 2013
Nature journal -Neuroscience

Solving the brain

The United States and Europe are both planning billion-dollar investments to understand how the brain works.
But the technological challenges are vast.

        17 July 2013

The benefits of brain mapping
Two huge projects have the potential to revolutionize neuroscience.....


Edition July 2013

Read about current and future activities.
We present some key results and achievements of ongoing projects and initiatives in Future and Emerging Technologies.

"The One Show" BBC1
11th June 2013

Video: " Graphene Wonderstuff "

Nature Magazine
22 May 2013

" Graphene knock-offs probe ultrafast electronics ".
Honeycomb lattices in different materials enable experiments impossible in the real thing

"Tomorrow Today"
Deutsche Welle English
11 February 2013

Video: "Graphene - The material of the future"

2 Flagship Winners
28 January 2013

Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes announced (28 Jan.2013)
the two research projects chosen as winners of the FET Flagships initiative:

25 January 2013
Zeit online

EU-Fördergeld: Eine Milliarde Euro für Wunderstoff Graphen und Hirnsimulator (DE)

6 December 2012

Science in music :
"The six FET Flagship Projects will be staged in music by the Geneva Brass Quintet".

Edition August 2012

FET Newslett er 492kb

Read about current and future activities. We present some key results and achievements of ongoing projects and initiatives in Future and Emerging Technologies.

11 June 2012
Scientific American
 volume 306 No 6

The Human Brain Project : Building a vast digital simulation of the brain could transform neuroscience and medicine and reveal new ways of making more powerful computers. Henry Markram (abstract)


21 January 2012

Europe La course au milliard

"Six projets sont en lice dans une compétition inédite lancée par la Commission européenne : imaginer les technologies d'après-demain. Qui va remporter le milliard d'euros promis ? Des roboticiens, des spécialistes du cerveau ou bien des spécialistes en nanotechnologies ? Une compétition scientifico-technique originale a en effet été lancée par l'Union européenne, sous l'égide de la commissaire chargée de la stratégie numérique, Neelie Kroes. A la fin de l'année, un jury d'experts décidera quels sont le ou les deux projets gagnants de cette « course », avec à la clé un budget global de 1 milliard d'euros sur dix ans à partir de 2013" ( )


18 July 2011

FET Flagships in the "The Parliament Magazine" ( 855kb )

High risk, high ambition. The future emerging technologies flagship will help the EU make the most of its researchers’ talents," writes Neelie Kroes. Including articles on "Carbon Revolution", "Guardian Angels", "Joined up Thinking", "Artificial assistance".
Extract ( 855kb )
Full issue (see pages 118-119/ 121-123/126)


May 2011

Special issue: Research*EU Focus FET & Flagships ( EN-2567KB )

The research*eu focus magazine is published by the Office for Official Publications of the European Union as part of the EU-funded research programmes. This research*eu focus is a joint publication by CORDIS and the European Commission’s DirectorateGeneral for Information Society and Media. Its content was provided by the Future and Emerging Technologies team, namely by Wide Hogenhout, Paul Hearn, Jean-Marie Auger, Pekka Karp and a host of other advisers. We also acknolwledge the relevant project managers and EU officers for their contributions and assistance in putting together the cases and examples in this magazine.
( EN-2567KB ) ( FR-1797KB ) ( DE-2872KB )


20 May 2011

BBC Click video recorded at FET11: The science 'X Factor' with a 1bn euro prize

Fet 11 - "a unique conference on visionary, high-risk and long-term research in information science and technology" - is a place where big ideas get noticed. And the big prize is for two EU-funded projects to be given up to 100m euros per year for 10 years to conduct their research. Dan Simmons looks at the six finalists and some of the wackier ideas at the conference.
Watch the video


5 May 2011

Flagship funding: The European Union plans to throw serious money at serious problems

"The European Commission this week launches six pilots for its multi-billion-euro Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships programme, under the slogan 'science beyond fiction' (see Nature doi:10.1038/news.2011.143; 2011). The programme is, by a considerable margin, the most expensive ever set up in Europe purely for academic consortia. The pilots have been awarded 1.5 million (US$2.2 million) each for one-year feasibility studies. Two or three will go on to win a colossal 1 billion in funding over ten years." ( )


4 May 2011

Research projects vie for EU’s €1bn prizes

"Neelie Kroes, European Commission vice-president, announced the finalists on Wednesday at the Future and Emerging Technologies conference in Budapest. The aim was to produce "successes that will be remembered, not just for today, but for a lifetime," she said." ( )


4 May 2011

Europa Press release: Digital Agenda - FET flagships, six cutting edge projects to change the face of Future and Emerging Technologies

Six research projects selected to compete for two top spots in the area of research into future and emerging technologies (FET) have been announced today by the European Commission at the FET11 conference and exhibition in Budapest. The six contenders will receive around €1.5 million each to refine their proposal for one year, after which only two will be selected. This MEMO gives details of the six research projects concerned.
Memo: ( 36kb ):EN