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The future of Internet

The Future Network and Services

The Internet has profoundly changed our perception of society and our approach to everyday life. Today with billions of transactions streaming on the web, the Internet has certainly become the most powerful tool to share information.

The ICT theme of the 7 th Framework Programme for research and technological development provides a key opportunity to place a bold European effort regarding the "Future Internet". In particular the FP7 offers to investigate a number of technological domains, as well as associated policy domains, which have a bearing on the network and service infrastructure elements of the Internet of tomorrow.


We will live in a Networked Future. In a world where we will be connected at any time (networks permanently connected), anywhere (from personal to global environments and everything in between), to anything (all kind of objects and artefacts, and also software virtual objects).
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Research funded under objective 1.2 "Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering" aims at creating the "Internet of Services". The collective aim is to provide software engineering technologies, service architectures and virtualisation technologies that will support the Future Internet.
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Imagine an Internet of Things, where everyday objects, rooms, and machines are connected to one another and to the larger digital world. Like we begin to see it today, mobile phones would pay for things like metro fares or groceries from a Web site, and where Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags would be used to manage access to VIP clubs and passes for ski lifts.
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The Internet and Media landscapes are undergoing a revolution. The Internet of 3D Media will not only radically change the entertainment industry, but it is also expected to stimulate and enhance creativity, productivity and community relations in the professional sphere. Usergenerated/ centric content as well as community networks and the use of peer-to peer (P2P) systems are expected to generate new business opportunities.
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A roadmap towards tomorrow’s research objectives

A Pervasive and trustworthy network and services infrastructure will gradually replace the current Internet, mobile, fixed and audiovisual networks. The "Future Internet" is a major federating research theme. In order to be among the leaders in ICT in the next ten years, European researchers and engineers have to address the major technological challenges.
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