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Information & Communication Technologies

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At a glance

The EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development ( FP7 ) runs from 2007 to 2013. Its Cooperation part contains the Information and Communication Technologies theme ( ICT ). In charge of this theme is the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology . Cognitive Systems and Robotics is one of the challenges defined in the work programme of the ICT theme Challenge 2 . The unit responsible for the challenge is Robotics .

Welcome to Robotics

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Cognitive Systems and Robotics

We cover research, innovation and policies in robotic technologies for industrial and service applications and for their integration into smart environments such as homes, public spaces and factories.

We will:

  1. Deploy existing financial instruments for research and innovation in this field.
  2. Draw up the first work programme for Robotics and smart spaces under Horizon 2020.
  3. Set up a new Public-Private Partnership that will help drive innovation in this area under Horizon 2020.
  4. Develop policy addressing the ethical, legal and societal issues associated with robotics in order to ensure the wider use of robots and other autonomous systems can proceed in line with our values.

Examples of EU funded projects

Please see the full video shown at ICRA 2013 here


The HUMOUR project will investigate and develop efficient robot strategies to facilitate the acquisition of motor skills. We will address both the (human) trainee and the (robot) trainer sides, by com...


Analysing fine motor activity in articulatory structures of humans or animals in combination with the sounds they emit yields information about their intentions and likely future actions. In this proj...


FROG proposes to develop a guide robot with a winning personality and behaviours that will engage tourists in a fun exploration of outdoor attractions. The work encompasses innovation in the areas of...


The overall aim of FILOSE is acquiring a deeper understanding of the principles underlying fish locomotion and sensing, in order to develop new technologies for underwater vehicles on the basis of bio...

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