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Project clustering

Trust & Security Project Clustering is being coordinated by Effectsplus project, a FP7 Coordination & Support Activity with clustering as one of its prime core objectives.

The Clustering activities are linked to the Trust and Security Future Internet Assembly (FIA) activities, with the defined clusters and their members contributing to the security aspects and preparation of the FIA Roadmap ( Towards Framework 8: Research Priorities for the Future Internet .)
Three project clusters have been set up initially:
Technical Trust & Security Clusters
· Services and Clouds Cluster
· Systems and Networks Cluster
Non-Technical Trust & Security Cluster
· Networking and Coordination Cluster – provides an overview of other coordination actions and external trust and security initiatives ongoing at a European level.
Current cluster membership and initial external trust and security links is shown in the figure below.

For more information on Trust and Security clustering contact the Effectsplus Project Coordinator, Frances Cleary (email removed) , Waterford Institute of Technology, .