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Trust & Security in ICT PSP

Many obstacles exist for new technologies to reach the market and make a difference. To overcome these obstacles the Commission launched the ICT Policy Support Programme ('ICT-PSP') that aims at stimulating innovation and competitiveness through increasing the use of ICTs by citizens, governments and businesses.

The ICT PSP Workprogramme 2009 included a theme on European infrastructure for secure information management (see Objective 7.1). The third call for proposals was open from 29 January 2009 till 2 June 2009.

The ICT PSP Workprogramme 2008 included a theme on Trusted Information Infrastructures and Biometrics Technologies . Successful proposals are actually under negotiation for a contract - further information will become available soon.

The ICT-PSP Workprogramme 2007 included a theme on Privacy Protection Infrastructures . Following a call for proposals, the PrivacyOS thematic network project was selected and launched with Commission funding on 1 June 2008.


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