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Related ICT Trust & Security Research and Policy Activities

The ICT security research activity in FP7 is supporting excellent collaborative European research. At the same time, it is stimulating discussion between researchers and technology developers on the one hand and policymakers on the other, towards a better understanding of the consequences of technology development for society and, conversely, of the relevance of societal demands in the selection of research priorities.

In its first report on the implementation of the data protection directive (95/46/EC), the European Commission considers that '... the use of appropriate technological measures is an essential complement to legal means and should be an integral part in any efforts to achieve a sufficient level of privacy protection... '.

The objective here is twofold: on the one hand, to ensure that policymakers are fully aware of technology developments, problems and trends; and, on the other hand, to ensure that researchers in security and trust take the policy and regulatory environment into account so as to ensure efficient take-up of technology results, to the benefit of Europe's industrial competitiveness and societal needs.

To achieve this objective, we carry out a number of activities:

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