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  • RISEPTIS (Research and Innovation for Security, Privacy and Trustworthiness in the Information Society) has published its report "Trust in the Information Society" providing visionary guidance and recommendations on policy and research challenges in the field of Security and Trust in the Information Society.


RISEPTIS - Research and Innovation for SEcurity, Privacy and Trustworthiness in the Information Society - is a high-level advisory body in ICT research on security and trust. It was set up as an independent group of 25 personalities from industry and academia and was announced in April 2008 by Commissioner Viviane Reding. It aims at developing a European vision on research and policy for trust and security in the future Information Society. It will do so by formulating recommendations on:

  • Policy environment – The development of coherent legal and administrative frameworks, operational environments, and human behavior relating to security, privacy and confidence, in view of the technological changes leading to and arising from the future Information Society,
  • Research Agenda – Future European research and development that can facilitate the creation of an Information Society that will be secure, whilst respecting freedom and privacy of its citizens, with due attention given to the ICT infrastructures, networks, services and applications.

RISEPTIS is composed of leading key scientific, industrial and policy actors listed below, from a spectrum of relevant research disciplines and interests, together with representatives of ICT users. Short CVs of RISEPTIS members are accessible here. RISEPTIS is supported in its mission by expert Working Groups (WGs) with the aim of providing or expanding on specific areas of expertise, as needed.

RISEPTIS is supported by the FP7 Coordination Action Think-Trust.

RISEPTIS - Terms of Reference.


George Metakides, University of Patras (Chair)
Bart Preneel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frankfurt
Giovanni Barontini, Finmeccanica
Sachar Paulus, Consultant
Willem Jonker, Philips
Jacques Seneca, EuroSmart - Gemalto
Reinhard Posch, CIO for the Government of Austria and Prof. at TU Graz
William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Carlos Jimenez, Secuware and Chair of e-Sec national Spanish platform
Kim Cameron, Microsoft
Mika Lauhde, Nokia
Dario Avallone, Engineering
Laila Gide, Thales
Ferenc Suba, CERT Hungary
Anja Feldmann, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and Technische Universitaet Berlin
Willie Donnelly (from Think Trust Coordination Action)
Neeraj Suri (from Think Trust)
Michel Riguidel (from Think Trust)
Sathya Rao (from Think Trust)

Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor (Observer)
Stephan Lechner, EC – JRC-ISPRA-IPSC (observer)

Zeta Dooly, Waterford Institute of Technology (Think-Trust)
Jim Clarke, Waterford Institute of Technology (Think-Trust)
Keith Howker, Waterford Institute of Technology (Think-Trust)
Jacques Bus, European Commission
Thomas Skordas, European Commission

The Final Report

The final RISEPTIS report is available here.


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