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Why ETPs (European Technology Platforms)?

Technology Platforms are expected to play a major role in mobilizing Europe's research, technological development and innovation efforts. They bring together the key stakeholders (industry, national and European public authorities, the academic community, the financial community, consumers and users) around a common vision for the development of the technologies concerned. Their primary objectives are the definition of Strategic Research Agendas for the medium to long-term and the establishment of the necessary, effective public-private partnerships for their implementation.


What is NESSI?

NESSI is the European Technology Platform dedicated to Software and Services. Its name stands for the Networked European Software and Services Initiative .

Focusing on Services

The main focus of NESSI is that of service . There are many definitions of service used in different contexts. However, all are based on the same principle: a service consumer does not own the service and therefore need not be concerned with all the aspects generally associated with ownership such as infrastructure, technology, integration and maintenance. Instead he/she has only to choose a service which meets his business needs.
Businesses are increasingly concentrating on activities where they can gain a competitive advantage. Supporting capabilities can be obtained as services from specialist providers.

In this context NESSI is about transforming the EU economy through Service Oriented business models.

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