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 A European Software Strategy for Europe 

Recommendations for a European Software Strategy

"Playing to win in the new software market" . An industry expert group – software vendors, SMEs, business associations and analysts – have reviewed the status of the software and services industry, identifying the main issues facing it, and formulating recommendations for addressing them in a European Software Strategy.

This report is a summary of seven Industrial Working Groups that adressed elements of a possible Software Strategy :

Industrial Working Groups

After analysis of the recommendations of the industrial workgroups, an additional meeting was held with a group of FLOSS SME businesses. A report of this meeting can be found here .

Initial Contributions from Industry

Call for views on a European Software Strategy

In November 2007, Commissioner Reding called upon industry to provide views on a European software strategy ("Towards a European Software Strategy", Truffle 100 event, 19 November 2007) . Several European Software and Services industrial organisations submitted contributions which identified a diversity of issues, barriers, and challenges.


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