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FOSS activities in Software and Services

The European Commission has supported a number of initiatives in the domain of free and open source software since 1998, with initial steps conducted through the creation of the "Working group on Libre Software" (see ). The interest in FOSS for IT research is not new, and today's activities are rooted in a long history.

Research projects

The Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) research programme implements the research and technology development aspects of free and open source software. Many research projects whose main focus is on FOSS were selected for funding during the EU's 6th and 7th Framework Programmes. They contribute to the development of essential components of a free software infrastructure, and associated development tools or applications.

A list of these projects, with a short description and links to the project web sites, can be found on .
The list will be updated in the future as more Open Source projects start their activities.

Many other projects, even if not directly related to FOSS, make use of FOSS components or products, or release their results with an Open Source license. This is very common for all projects in the "software and services" area; actually, it would be difficult to find a project using no FOSS at all. We can say that FOSS has become a core component of mainstream European research.

Collaboration on FOSS

With a large number of projects delivering Open Source software we should not miss the opportunity to share experience and know-how on some common FOSS-related issues like how to select a license, how to engage Open Source communities, how to make project results sustainable over time, how to identify a suitable business model.
For this reason, in the context of collaboration activities among research projects, a collaboration working group on open source has been set up, with the objective to allow the exchange of know how and best practices.
More information will be available on the web site managed by the "HOLA!" project, which will be on line shortly (see ).

One of the objectives of the collaboration working group is the drafting of a guide for FP7 research projects to help in the usage of open source.
The current draft can be found here: link to be added soon...

Work programme

The FP7 ICT workprogramme 2009-2010 ( ) explicitly includes open source in objective ICT-2009.1.2, in the context of "Highly Innovative Service / Software Engineering" and "Coordination and support actions". 

For more information about the Work Programme and proposal submission, please refer to the relevant page .

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