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Information & Communication Technologies

Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures

ICT Challenge 1.2:
Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering

WP 2009-10 preparation and FP7 Projects Launch: Towards an Internet of Services

04 & 05 March 2008


The European Commission, DG Information Society, 'Software and Service Architectures and Infrastructures' Unit organised a two days event: a first day for a discussion on the priorities for the Workprogramme 2009-10 and a second day oriented to the public launch of the 28 projects resulting from Call 1. The afternoon of the second day consisted of a workshop for these projects only which has as objective to clarify and plan the collaboration activities among the 28 projects.

The key objective of the first day  was to present and discuss contributions to the identification of priorities to be included in the Workprogramme 2009-2010 as a continuation of Challenge 1.2 'Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering'. In the morning there have been presentations presenting research challenges identified by different roadmapping projects and from two experts groups. The afternoon gave the opportunity to all participants that made a contribution to the web consultation to make a short presentation about what they consider important challenges in the field of software and services.

The second day  gave public visibility to the new projects originating from Call 1 of FP7 and helped in starting building the FP7 projects community around some well-defined collaboration activities. One unifying theme of these projects has been the 'Internet of Services'. During the morning sessions the projects presented through round table discussions how their research will contribute to the various aspects of the 'Internet of Services'. The afternoon session was reserved for the new projects to define the collaboration activities framework and coordination.

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