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FP8: Towards the next Framework Programme => Horizon 2020

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Framework Programme 7 will end in 2013, and activities are ongoing for the preparation of Horizon 2020 (previously named FP8), which will shape the future of European research starting in 2014.


hola-logo.jpg Web consultation supported by Hola! Project

The working group 'Internet of Services in the Common Strategic Framework - CSF' has launched a web consultation based on a Forum hosted on the HOLA! Portal .
The consultation will be open until the end of July 2011, and it is a great opportunity to contribute to the definition of the future European Research directions in Software & Services.


FP8 expert meeting

In February 2011, a group of high-level experts in the area of Software and Services accepted the proposal to come to Brussels for one day of brainstorming and discussion about FP8. The key ideas proposed in the meeting, as well as the consultation to provide feedback and opinions, can be found here: .

The resulting report can be found here . It is possible to comment on it and contribute to FP preparation work through a consultation which will be hosted by the HOLA project portal (link available soon).

FIA Research Roadmap

The Future Internet Assembly, a collaboration between projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet, is working on the FIA Research Roadmap, which is the combined vision of the participants of the Future Internet Assembly for the research challenges for the future Internet in the timeframe addressed by Framework Eight (FP8). All the information about FIA Roadmap can be found on

The work in DG Information Society (INFSO)

FP8 will be a unique opportunity for European research, and we cannot afford to miss it. In INFSO, we are working to identify the key subjects and themes that will be important in the next years, so that we can influence research and innovation activities towards the objectives which are more important for the future of Europe.
In order to identify the key subjects, a very important contribution can be given by the research community; that's why research organisations, EU Member States and other stakeholders are providing position papers and other contributions in view of FP8.

The Big picture: CSF - Common Strategic Framework

The European Commission proposed a green paper on a "Common Strategic Framework" for the management of future EU research and innovation funding. More information can be found on:

The CSF identifies the high-level objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, which were endorsed by the February 2011 European Council as key to future growth and jobs.

This Commons Strategic Framework will, in the context of Europe 2020 strategy, cover the FP funding for research as well as other financial instruments of the European Union: CIP (competitiveness and innovation program), EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology) and structural funds. The objective will be to increase impact and simplify the rules in order to support common strategic priorities of the EU, focusing on societal challenges, competitiveness and research excellence, and to support projects and organizations across all the innovation cycle from research to retail.

What's next?

The work on FP8 preparation will go on for a long time. This page will report all the updates which will be significant for the Software and Services research community.

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