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"Guidelines for public procurement of ICT systems"


The Digital Agenda is Europe's strategy for a flourishing digital economy by 2020. It outlines policies and actions to maximise the benefits of ICT for all. To achieve these goals, the Commission will work closely with national governments, concerned organisations and companies.

As part of Action 23 of the Digital Agenda , the European Commission will develop guidance on the link between ICT standardisation and public procurement to help public authorities to use standards to promote efficiency and reduce lock-in.

Three main deliverables have been produced as part of this study:

D2: The overview of current public procurement practices concerning ICT in the EU [ 2 MB ]

D3: Guidelines to help procurers buy ICT that is based on standards [ 768 KB ], including examples of best practice in ICT procurement at a national and EU level.

D4: Impact Assessment Preparation  [   1,4 MB]

In order to prepare these deliverables, information for the analysis of current ICT procurement practices was gathered through:

· Surveys of procuring authorities and ICT suppliers in late 2011 : 244 public authorities were covered by the survey, including across all Member States, sizes, types of public body, sector and regional level. Similarly, 172 suppliers were surveyed across size, ICT sector and Member States.
Results of Survey I [ 753 KB ]

· Follow-up interviews (17) and discussions with procuring authorities, suppliers and experts in the field or ICT procurement

· The development of Guidelines for procuring standards-based ICT systems , discussed in a public workshop held in Brussels with around 80 participants from around the EU including IT procurement representatives from public authorities; members of standards setting boards; and representatives from industry.

· A second on-line public survey to gather views on the Guidelines and information on the impacts of accompanying practical implementation measures. The consultation was held in the beginning of 2012 and received contributions from 176 respondents (99 public authorities, 40 ICT suppliers, 10 from policy groups and 27 others). This was complemented by follow-up interviews with six public authorities, suppliers and national organisations.
Results of Survey II [ 1MB ]

In order to carry out this work, a tender [ 108,6 KB ] for a study was published in March 2011 and the contract has been awarded to
Europe Economics
[ 108,6 KB ]. The contract started on 1 September 2011 and ended on 31 March 2012.
The tender specifications are available here . [ 2,95 MB ]

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