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Workprogramme 2011/12: Call 8 (with Objective 1.2) now open

Proposal submission deadline: 17 January 2012 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

All information about the call

Full text of the workprogramme 2011/12
Objective 1.2 text

Pre-proposals can be send to Michel Lacroix until 16 December 2011.

The inputs

The workprogramme is the output of a complex process (described here ), taking into account several inputs, both internal to the European Commission and coming from the constituency or the scientific community at large.

These are some of the external inputs used in drafting the workprogramme.

  • Cloud Computing Report

The 2nd workshop of the European Expert Group on Cloud Computing took place on October 12th, 2009 in Brussels. A report was drafted, you can find all the information about it here:

  • Servicewave consultation workshop on long-term research

The Expert Working Group Meeting was held in Stockholm on 24/11/2009. Here is the abstract of the resulting report.

  • ECCS Web consultation

A web consultation was held in autumn 2009 on the ECSS (European Community for Software & Software Services) web site
The resulting contributions are:

- Consultation on Future Research Priorities on Software & Services 1
- A Sense of Community: A Research Agenda for Software Ecosystems
- Project STASIS input

  • ISTAG Report

The reports from IST Advisory Group (ISTAG) can be found on their CORDIS site.
A description of ISTAG is here:

  • Consultation workshop on convergence

The workshop was held in Brussels on 7/5/2009. The presentations discussed: Thales , IBM , Telefonica , Ericsson .


The NESSI technology platform has produced the following: NESSI Input for WP 2011-2012

  • Multicore

A workshop was held on the impact of multicore hardware technologies on software engineering (12/11/2009 in Brussels).
Presentations discussed are:

- Evolving Multicore Systems, Prof. Hinchey
- Restricted models for multicore exploitation, Prof. Danelutto
- Software Engineering and Development in the Multicore Era, Mats Brorsson
- Developing HPC applications, JM Morel

  • Software evolution

The seminar on software evolution was held in Brussels on 24/09/2009.
Presentations discussed are:

- Future Research Challenges in Software Evolution, Tom Mens
- Industrial perspective on Software Evolution, Joost Visser

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Lexical analysis

A "tag cloud" analysis was executed for most of the inputs described above. Results are described in this page (click).

The process

For 2011-12 one very significant novelty, directly related to Objective 1.2, is the emergence of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (PPP); it is described in detail in this press release .

External inputs are coming from contacts with scientific community, and come in the form of public consultations, workshops and meetings, white papers and reports.

The first phase of the process for Objective 1.2 can be summarized in the following schema:


In the second phase, the orientations for different research objectives are merged together to create the final text of the workprogramme:

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