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The 21st century classroom

Research directed at the design of the future classroom addresses innovation in learning and teaching, the underlining change processes, new summative and formative assessment methods and novel solutions supporting the active participation of stakeholders outside schools (e.g. parents). Novel methods and technologies are being created that support individualisation, collaboration, creativity and expressiveness in more active, reflective and independent learning activities.


iCLASS - Intelligent Distributed Cognitive-based Open Learning Systems for Schools
iClass has combined research in the fields pedagogy, 'Self Regulated Personalised Learning', cognitive science and computer science to support empowerment of learners and teachers in the K12 sector. The educational vision driving the project has been personalisation through empowerment. Outcome of the work is a suite of pedagogically coherent tools and a set of pedagogical methodologies, validated through ongoing analysis of state of the art research and of end-user feedback.
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iTEC - Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom
iTEC researchers will produce meaningful pedagogical scenarios for the future classroom, assisted by semantic Web technology. From those scenarios, learning activities and new approaches to assessment will be derived that engage teachers, learners and stakeholders outside the school. The research results will be tested in a large-scale validation process involving more than 1,000 classrooms all over Europe. Combined with this, iTEC will research the skills and competences needed by teachers in the classroom of the future.
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NEXT-TELL - Next Generation Teaching, Education and Learning for Life
This project aims to provide computational and methodological support to teachers and students so that they have information about learning available when it is needed and in a format that is supportive of pedagogical decision-making. NEXT-TELL will contribute to the development of formative e-assessment for 21st century learning skills where aspects of students' learning both in the classroom and at home will be captured and used for reflection, appraisal and negotiation. A set of integrated methods and tools will be developed in an incremental, participatory manner in a large-scale pilot studies program.
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