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Supporting documents for each of the topics covered by the

Fixed Deadline Call - Dedicated Call
Measurements & Testing, Infrastructures

[Call identifier: Growth - Dedicated call April 2000: M&T;, Infrastructure]

If you intend to use the partner search facility :

  1. when entering a partnership request, mention in the title the topic reference, i.e. "topic 3.5"
  2. when searching for a partner, enter as "search term" the topic reference, i.e. "topic 3.5", select the programme acronym 'Growth' and the workprogramme area "Measurements and testing" or "Support for research infrastuctures" as appropriate for the topic.

(Indicative Budget 11 Meuros)
(i) Methodologies to support standardisation and Community policies
New Approach Directives, Eurocodes and European approval schemes
  • Mechanical ignition hazards in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres
    (please download topic III.1)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Non-invasive sphygmomanometers (blood pressure devices)
    (please download topic III.2)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Durability assessment of sandwich panels intended to be used for roof coverings and wall finishes
    (please download topic III.3)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Seismic assessment and rehabilitation of existing buildings
    (please download topic III.4)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Construction products in contact with drinking water
    (please download topic III.5)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

European legislation
  • Calibration of sensory testing of food contact materials
    (please download topic III.6)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Reliability of measurement of migration of phthalate plasticizers in toys
    (please download topic III.7)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Packaging for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Accelerated test procedures for the assessment of the chemical compatibility of plastic non-PE packaging
    (please download topic III.8)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Criteria for the production and use of recycled plastic material to be used in packaging
    (please download topic III.9)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

The removal of bottlenecks in the European standardisation process
  • Measurement of properties for fresh self-compacting concrete
    (please download topic III.10)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Wear resistance and long-term stability for furniture surfaces
    (please download topic III.11)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • PVD and PACVD coating - Surface generation, surface pre-treatment and surface characterisation of tool materials
    (please download topic III.12)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Pre-normative RTD: materials; promoting European economic interests
  • Creep Crack Growth: development and harmonisation of testing for new industrial specimen geometries
    (please download topic III.13)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Thermo-mechanical fatigue testing
    (please download topic III.14)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Ceramic and carbon fibres: validation of testing methods
    (please download topic III.15)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(ii) Measurements and testing anti-fraud methodologies
Protecting European economic interests
  • Establishing the origin of glass containers from main and trace elemental composition
    (please download topic III.16)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Establishing of a data bank for analytical parameters for wines from third countries
    (please download topic III.17)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Determination of the milk fat content of mixed spreadable fats
    (please download topic III.18)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Confirmation of the origin of wild and farmed salmon and other fish
    (please download topic III.19)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Protecting the health and the safety of European citizens
  • Dioxin analysis by using comprehensive multi-dimensional gas chromatography
    (please download topic III.20)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Drugs in sport - isotopic procedures for the detection of doping with endogenous compounds
    (please download topic III.21)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(iii) Support to the development of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
Technical support for health and safety protection
  • Clenbuterol free hair powder and Clenbuterol containing hair powder
    (please download topic III.22)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Biological evaluation of medical devices
    (please download topic III.23)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Allergens, development and validation of methods for quantification
    (please download topic III.24)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Fish and sediment - Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE's)
    (please download topic III.25)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Molecular genetic testing
    (please download topic III.26)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • In-vitro diagnostic measurements in laboratory medicine
    (please download topic III.27)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Biological material exhibiting the same metabolic behaviour as activated sludge
    (please download topic III.28)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Steroid glucuronides; development of liquid chromatography/mass spectrometric (LC/MS) analysis in the detection of doping in sport
    (please download topic III.29)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Technical support to promote European economic interests
  • Quantitative determination of nitrogen, carbon & oxygen for spectroscopic analysis methods
    (please download topic III.30)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Gas chromatography coupled to stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (GC-IRMS) to check food and beverage authenticity
    (please download topic III.31)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(Indicative Budget 6 Meuros)
(iv) Setting up of virtual institutes
Thematic Networks related to:
  • Precision engineering, micro engineering and nanotechnology
    (please download topic III.32)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Design and product development
    (please download topic III.33)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Product oriented simulation
    (please download topic III.34)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Laser technology
    (please download topic III.35)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(v) Reference data bases
  • Life cycle assessment data for manufactured products and industrial processes
    (please download topic III.36)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(vi) Measurement and quality management infrastructures
  • Traceability issues related to the EU directive 98/79/EC (in vitro diagnostic medical devices
    (please download topic III.37)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

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