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Supporting documents for each of the topics covered by the

Fixed Deadline Call - Dedicated Call
Measurements & Testing, Infrastructures

[Call identifier: Growth - Dedicated call October 2000: M&T;, Infrastructure]

If you intend to use the partner search facility :

  1. when entering a partnership request, mention in the title the topic reference, i.e. "topic 4.5"
  2. when searching for a partner, enter as "search term" the topic reference, i.e. "topic 4.5", select the programme acronym 'Growth' and the workprogramme area "Measurements and testing" or "Support for research infrastuctures" as appropriate for the topic.

(Indicative Budget 11 Meuros):
(i) Methodologies to support standardisation and Community policies
Subjects related to the standardisation activities of CEN
Material testing:
  • Cyclic oxidation testing - development of guidelines for high temperature materials
    (please download topic IV.1)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Non-destructive testing - time of flight diffraction method
    (please download topic IV.2)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Minimally invasive method for toughness, tensile and creep measurement
    (please download topic IV.3)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Building and Construction:
  • Shear and torsion interaction of hollow core slabs
    (please download topic IV.4)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Noise characterisation of domestic boilers
    (please download topic IV.5)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Alkali reactivity tests on aggregates
    (please download topic IV.6)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Subjects related to the standardisation activities of CENELEC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing methods for advanced rail transport
    (please download topic IV.7)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Thermal specifications and properties of electronic components and materials
    (please download topic IV.8)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Protective clothing for use in the manufacturing of electrostatic sensitive electronics
    (please download topic IV.9)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Quantitative characterisation of electronic noses
    (please download topic IV.10)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Subjects related to the standardisation activities of ISO
  • Assessing long-term durability of bonded automotive metallic structures
    (please download topic IV.11)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Airborne transmission of noise in automotive vehicles
    (please download topic IV.12)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Spectral luminous efficiency functions for the intermediate luminance levels
    (please download topic IV.13)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(ii) Measurements and testing anti-fraud methodologies
Protecting European economic interests
  • · Euro coin authentication technology
    (please download topic IV.14)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Protecting the health and the safety of European citizens
  • Detecting abuse with growth hormone and related substances in sport
    (please download topic IV.15)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Determination of the origin of hormones in cattle
    (please download topic IV.16)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • · Detection and prevention of adulteration in the EU fruit juice market (topic )
    (please download topic IV.17)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • · Ear-prints in criminal investigation
    (please download topic IV.18)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(iii) Support to the development of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
Technical support for health and safety protection
  • Organic contaminants in water
    (please download topic IV.19)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Environmental contaminants in food and animal feed
    (please download topic IV.20)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Azo dyes leather
    (please download topic IV.21)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(Indicative Budget 14 Meuros):
Thematic Networks related to:
(iv) Support activities to medium and large-scale facilities
  • · Network of European medium and large-scale transport research facilities' operators
    (please download topic IV.22)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(v) Setting up of virtual institutes
  • The European virtual institute for recycling
    (please download topic IV.23)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for tribology
    (please download topic IV.24)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for gas-turbine instrumentation
    (please download topic IV.25)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for advanced manufacturing enterprise
    (please download topic IV.26)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for structural integrity
    (please download topic IV.27)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for design by analysis of pressure equipment
    (please download topic IV.28)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for geometric measurements
    (please download topic IV.29)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for industrial chemometrics and metrology
    (please download topic IV.30)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • The European virtual institute for jewellery technology ()
    (please download topic IV.31)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(vi) Reference data base
  • Access to research spectroscopic data and associated chemical knowledge
    (please download topic IV.32)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

  • Inter-operability of existing materials database (topic )
    (please download topic IV.33)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

(vii) Measurement and quality management infrastructures
  • Implementation of measuring instrument directives according to the New Approach
    (please download topic IV.34)
    Browse - MS Word - PDF

Proposals for topics other than those listed above will not be accepted