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Competitive and Sustainable Growth

COUNCIL DECISION of 25 January 1999 adopting a specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration on competitive and sustainable growth (1998 to 2002) (1999/169/EC)



The specific programme will be implemented through the indirect RTD actions provided for in Annexes II and IV to the fifth framework programme. In addition, the following rules specific to this programme will apply:

1. Accompanying measures

The accompanying measures will comprise in particular:

- studies in support of the specific programme, including the preparation of future activities,

- take-up measures, including trials, best practice actions, first user actions, assessment and qualification actions and other actions aimed at stimulating broad take-up, particularly in SMEs, and encouraging innovation,

- the exchange of information, conferences, seminars, workshops or other scientific and technical meetings, including for international cooperation schemes,

- recourse to external expertise, including access to scientific databases, in particular for the purposes of the monitoring of the specific programme provided for in Article 5(1) of the fifth framework programme, the external assessment provided for in Article 5(2) of the fifth framework programme and the evaluation of indirect RTD actions and the monitoring of their implementation,

- dissemination, information and communication activities, including scientific publications, activities for the exploitation of results and the transfer of technologies; encouragement of innovation financing and assistance with the protection of intellectual property,

- training schemes related to RTD activities covered by the specific programme other than Marie Curie fellowships,

- support for schemes to provide information and assistance for research players, including SMEs,

- recourse to external expertise in setting up and providing access to information, assistance and research and innovation promoting services and networks.

2. Coordination arrangements

The Commission will endeavour to ensure complementarity between the indirect RTD actions under the programme, in particular by grouping them around a common objective, and to avoid duplication, while respecting the legitimate interests of proposers of indirect RTD actions.

As far as possible, coordination will also be ensured between actions under the specific programme and those carried out in:

- other specific programmes implementing the fifth framework programme,

- the research and training programmes implementing Council Decision 1999/64/Euratom of 22 December 1998 concerning the fifth framework programme of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) for research and training activities (1998 to 2002) (1) ,

- other European research frameworks including Eureka and COST,

- other Community research-related instruments.

It will comprise:

(i) the identification of common themes or priorities, resulting in particular in:

- the exchange of information,

- the carrying out of work decided on jointly, entailing in particular the joint initiation of one of the procedures referred to in Article 9 of the rules for participation and dissemination,

(ii) the reassignment of proposals for indirect RTD actions between specific programmes or between a specific programme and a research and training programme.

(1) OJ L 26, 1.2.1999, p. 34.
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