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Co-ordination Activities

Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions are designed to facilitate networking of organisations, co-ordination of activities and exchange and dissemination of knowledge so as to optimise research efforts, reach critical mass and enhance impacts at European level. They bring together industry, universities, research centres, users, research infrastructures and other relevant stakeholders around a common S&T objective related to the priorities of the programme. Please note that Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions can not provide funding for actual RTD activities.

Thematic Networks are used to:

  • a) to co-ordinate a group ( "cluster" ) of projects funded at Community level. This may include relevant projects from more than one Key Action and from other EU programmes and, where appropriate, activities funded at national level or in other European frameworks. Participation is on a voluntary basis. The Thematic Network proposal may be submitted simultaneously with the group of project proposals, or at a later stage if intended to co-ordinate on-going projects. Following a call for proposals, the Growth Programme itself may encourage the formation of project clusters linking several successful projects with common or interrelated objectives, and where the co-ordination of their activities would lead to clear added value.

  • b) to carry out activities addressing the objectives set out in the section "Support for Research Infrastructures" , which is implemented through a 2-stage process ( Expressions of Interest and dedicated calls ).

  • c) to establish and develop networking activities other than those defined above, which can contribute significantly to achieving the objectives of the Key Actions and Generic Technologies.

Concerted Actions are used for the co-ordination of research activities already funded within individual Member states, in order for instance to channel efforts efficiently, to exchange and complement experience, to disseminate results.

Thematic Network and Concerted Action proposals submitted in response to periodic calls are not restricted to the priorities published in the call, and therefore can address any research objective specified in the work programme (except Support for Research Infrastructure , in which case proposals can only be submitted in response to a dedicated call ). In the case of Key Action 1, they may only address the Targeted Research Actions . Thematic Network and Concerted Action proposals submitted in response to a dedicated call must address the objectives specified in the call.