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  • Download the Workshop Agenda
  • : PDF - Word

  • Download the List of Participants
  • : EXCEL

  • Download the Workshop Summary
  • : PDF - Word

  • Download the Presentation Slides:

    • Market oriented Networks to facilitate rapid transfer and exploitation of RTD Results by the DG Research: PowerPoint

    • First Experiences from Evaluations of Expressions of Interest and Proposals by Søren Bøwadt: PowerPoint

    • Thematic Network Contract by Megan Richards: PowerPoint

    • The European Virtual Maritime Institute by Erik Styhr Petersen: PowerPoint

    • The Virtual Institute as a Market Oriented Network by Peter Thorne: PowerPoint

    • The Information Centre of the International Flame Research Foundation: struture and modes of operations by Peter Roberts: PowerPoint

    • Ideas for Knowledge Networks and Virtual Institutes by Professor Jim Browne: PowerPoint

    • Ideas for Virtual Institutes viewed from the perspective of SME's by Robert Stehle: PDF - Word

    • Modular and Dynamic Concepts for the Internet Institute for Music Science by Guerino Mazzola: PowerPoint

  • Download the Guidance notes: PDF - Word

Proceedings of Workshop on Virtual Institutes