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Information and Assistance Services

The EC carries out a range of activities in support of potential proposers. These vary as appropriate according to the nature of the call and the specific programme concerned, and therefore they are detailed in Section V of this document.

For example, for each programme the Member States may establish a network of National Contact Points. These can be helpful to organisations from their country in finding partners from other countries, and in assisting in procedural or administrative matters. There are a number of other networks such as Innovation Relay Centres, Euro Info Centres etc., which potential proposers may also consult.

The European Commission maintains an Infodesk for each programme in the Fifth Framework Programme for the duration of their Calls. Any questions concerning the Call not covered in this document nor in the material available at the programme website may be directed to the Infodesk, whose address is included in the call specific information in Section V of this document. The Infodesk will post any last-minute information concerning the Call on the programme website, which potential proposers should check periodically for this reason.

The certification service provider has established a EU-wide support network for proposers in the national languages. Details are given on the web page relating to this service.

The Commission may organise "Info-days", which disseminate information about the Fifth Framework or a particular call, and which also provide an occasion for proposers to meet potential consortium partners.

To support partner search activities, the Commission's CORDIS server in Luxembourg (/fp5/) offers a number of services and information sources which may be useful in this respect. The CORDIS website also contains a list of organisations which have already expressed an interest in participating to the different programmes under the Fifth Framework Programme, with a number of supporting details about each.