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Project Management

Project follow-up

In order for the Commission to verify the execution of the contract, participants are required to submit, via the co-ordinator interim and final reports as well as reports of costs incurred. These reports will be analysed by Commission services in the light of the criteria, which lead to the original selection of the proposal, to ensure the project conforms to the conditions associated with the Community financial contribution, and that the progress foreseen actually takes place. The reports are also used to assess whether and in what manner the project should continue to be supported

In addition, and conforming to objectives stated in the Fifth Framework Programme decision concerning valorisation and dissemination, the Commission will follow-up the implementation of the results of the project. To this end participants are required to produce before the end of the project a " Technology Implementation Plan (eTIP) " indicating how the knowledge gained will be used. The Commission will ensure, where necessary, the confidentiality of these data.

Useful information on intellectual property rights and venture capital facilities can be obtained at the following addresses: