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Checklist for submission

In order to avoid last-minute problems with submission, there are a number of checks, which you should carry out.

For ELECTRONIC submission of your Growth proposal you should check the following items:

  • Have you ordered your certificate (using ProTool with an electronic request, and by sending the full written and signed forms) well in advance of the deadline (at least 3 weeks before is recommended)?
  • Have you imported this certificate to ProTool successfully?
  • Have you requested a proposal number (at least three weeks before the deadline)?
  • Are all parts of the proposal (A-B-C) duly completed?
  • Have you integrated all parts (A-B-C and the filled out acknowledgement of receipt form) of the proposal into the file to be submitted?
  • Have you checked the address of the server to which to upload the proposal?
  • Have you checked that the proposal prints out correctly in one of the formats: PDF, RTF, Postscript or Word, and that it does not include files of another format (do not use picture, photo, voice or video formats, or MS projects, or similar tools)?
  • Last but not least: Is your proposal submitted before the deadline according to the procedure for electronic submission?

For PAPER submission of your Growth proposal you should check the following items:

  • Are all parts of the proposal (A-B-C) duly completed?
  • Is your proposal prepared with five bound copies of part A, five bound copies of part B, five bound copies of part C, and one complete unbound original?
  • Does the A1 form contain the signature of the Co-ordinator? (A3 "Participant Profile/Information" form must be printed either from ProTool or using the pdf forms).
  • Is the complete set of proposal forms placed in an envelope, marked "Commercial-in-confidence", with the following information:
    • "... Programme" and date of publication of the call?
    • The Call identifier (see call text)?
    • A reference to the Key Action(s) and Action Line(s) addressed by the proposal (as given in the Work Programme)?
  • Have you completed the "Acknowledgement of Receipt" form and included it in the package?
  • If you use more than one Package, are the packages clearly marked parcel 1 of X, 2 of X, etc.? Is each parcel clearly marked as described above?
  • Is the address on the package complete and correct (see call text)
  • Last but not least: Is your proposal sent on time for the closing date of the call?

    Please be reminded that submission forms for Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions are devided into parts A & B (no part C); this checklist is not applicable for the Expressions of Interest for the needs.