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Key Action 1 Projects eligible for participation in the dedicated Growth Call of 1 September 2001 to include new partners from Newly Associated States in running contracts

(For information about the call for proposals please see the call page. Go back to browse all eligible projects.)
  1. Microscale Fabrication of Graded Materials Components

  2. Active Disassembly using Smart Materials

  3. A Configurable Virtual Reality System for Multi-purpose Industrial Manufacturing Application

  4. Study and Validation of an Advanced Plasma Sterilisation Process

  5. A Thematic Network for Quality and Trust in the Industrial Application of Computation Fluid Dynamics

  6. Rtd of a new Eco-efficient Technology to manufacture enamelled Copper Wire without Noixous Emission of Solvents to the Atmosphere

  7. Greensand without Organic Additives for the Production of Iron Castings

  8. New Environmentally Friendly Technology for Cellulose Three Dimensional Objects

  9. Development of a Competitive Manufacturing Chain for High Performance Gears

  10. High Performance Inorganic Membranes for Pervaporation and Vapour Permeation Technology

  11. Sustainable and Economic Production of Magnesium Components

  12. Automated Environmentally Friendly Processing of Structural Thermoplastic Composite Components

  13. Self Rechargeable Photovoltaic Microbattery Coupled System

  14. Towards Zero Liquid Waste in Plating Industry by Development and Validation of Closed-loop Eco-efficient Processes

  15. Flexible Laser-assisted Micro-engineering

  16. Modular Plant Architecture

  17. Flexible Low-cost Internet Extended Enterprise

  18. Metal Waste Prevention

  19. Innovation in European Textile Printing using Uv-curable Pigment Inks and Online-fixation in Inkjet Printing

  20. Safer and More Effective Operations in Construction

  21. Virtual Plant-wide Management and Optimisation of Responsive Manufacturing Networks

  22. Cost Management System for Greening Electrical and Electronic Equipment

  23. Optical Characterisation Methods for Mems Manufacturing

  24. Vendor Integrated Decentralized Optimization of Production Facilities

  25. Intelligent Mini Bioreactor - a Machine to Process Tissue Engineered Implants

  26. Internet-based Scheduler for Material Optimisation and Agile Production in Multi-site Enterprises

  27. Vibration and Noise Drop by Light High Damping Structures

  28. Advanced Array Technologies for Optimised Maintenance and Inspection in Critical Applications

  29. Time to Market Reduction via Statistical Information Management

  30. Optimisation Methodologies for Networked Enterprises

  31. Transparent Films Vacuum Coatings Machine with Integrated In-line Monitoring and Control

  32. Organic Matrix Composites and Iconel Allows: Improvements in their Machining under Low Coolant Flows and Dry Conditions

  33. Highly Efficient Process for the Production of a new Environmentally-friendly Resin and of Innovative Composite Materials using this Resin in High Tech and Traditional Industries

  34. Catalytic Oxidation as a Tool Sustainable Fine-chemicals Manufacture

  35. Mechatronic Compiler for Machine Tool Design

  36. Development of Innovative Manufacturing Technologies for Reducing Process Chain

  37. Road Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques using Enhanced Asphalt Mixtures

  38. Eco-efficient Novel Enzymatic Concepts for Slime Control in Pulp And Paper Processing

  39. A New Opto-electronic Marking System for Traceability of Product coming from Traditional Sectors (including Textile, Paper And Leather)

  40. Advanced Machining Systems for Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing


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