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Key Action 2 Projects eligible for participation in the dedicated Growth Call of 1 September 2001 to include new partners from Newly Associated States in running contracts

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  1. Thematic Network on Freight Transfer Points and Terminals

  2. Pricing Road use for Greater Responsibility, Efficiency and Sustainability in Cities

  3. Assessment of Road Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems

  4. Co-ordinating Urban Pricing Integrated Demonstrations

  5. Travel Awareness Publicity and Eduction Supporting a Sustainable Transport Strategy in Europe

  6. Progress in European Maintenance and Management of Railway Infrastructure

  7. >Promotion of results in transport research and learning

  8. Standardisation Activity for Galileo

  9. Thematic Network "Harmonisation of strategies and highlighting best practice to determine optimum URBAN FREIGHT SOLUTIONS"

  10. Thematic Network in Optimising the Management of Intermodal Transport Services

  11. Thematic Network on Rail Freight Services

  12. Implementation of Marginal Cost Pricing in Transport - Integrated Conceptual and Applied Model Analysis

  13. IMPROVEd tools for RAILway infrastructure capacity and access management

  14. Thematic Network on Airport Activities

  15. Thematic Network on Air Transport for ATM Validation Activities

  16. Implementing pricing reform in transport effective use of research on pricing in Europe

  17. Thematic Network on Trans Alpine Crossing

  18. Vehicle for Mobility - Advancing Public Passenger Transport in Europe

  19. Urban Transport and Socio-Economic Development

  20. Assessing concepts, systems and tools for a Safer, Efficient and Environmentally Aware and Friendly Maritime Transport

  21. TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE AND POLICY: a macroeconomic analysis for the EU

  22. Integrated Assessment of Spatial Economic and Network Effects of Transport Investments and Policies

  23. Use and integration of new-generation vehicles and radically improved propulsion systems in the transport system

  24. Onboard Treatment of Ballast Water (technologies Development And Applications)

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