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Measurements and Testing Projects eligible for participation in the dedicated Growth Call of 1 September 2001 to include new partners from Newly Associated States in running contracts

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  1. Concerted action in the fight against doping in sport

  2. Dissemination of the European ultra low temperature scale

  3. In situ characterisation of acoustical properties

  4. Quality monitoring of superconductors for the production of efficient, compact and reliable energy transmission systems

  5. Design of GRP Flanges and Tests to Verify the Design and to Determine Long-Term Properties of GRP Pipes

  6. Effects of the weathering on stone materials: assessment of their mechanical durability

  7. Calibration and testing for the evaluation of plywood glue bond performance in accordance with EN 314-1 and EN 314-2

  8. Improved Chemical Analysis and UV Spectroscopy using Improved Deuterium Lamps

  9. Synchrotron Microanalysis: accurate elemental analysis on the microscopic level

  10. Certified Reference Materials for specific migration testing of plastics for food packaging needed by industry and enforcement laboratories

  11. Computer Controlled Tensile Testing Machines: Validation of European Standard EN10002 Part 1

  12. Screening and identification methods for official control of banned use of antibiotics and growth promoters in feedingstuffs

  13. Strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs

  14. Abrasion and Wear Testing of Coatings by Ball Cratering

  15. Certified Reference Materials for Depth Sensing Indentation Instruments

  16. New technology in food sciences facing the multiplicity of new released GMO

  17. Anti-fraud milk - Electrical impedimetric and ultrasonic control system to detect fraud (adulterations) of milk

  18. Remote Optical Sensing Evaluation

  19. Development and Assessment of Methods for the Detection of Adulteration of Olive Oil with Hazelnut Oil

  20. Cardiological real-time low-dose imaging system

  21. Sputtering matter onto storage plates for delayed quantitative investigations, against fraud, of organic and inorganic samples

  22. Thematic Network for Enforcement Practitioners Regarding the Enforcement of the QUID Directive by Chemical Testing

  23. Natural Isotopes and Trace Elements in Criminalistics and Environmental Forensics

  24. Metrological Support to International Trade

  25. Global Information System for the fight against counterfeiting

  26. EVIMAR - The European Maritime Virtual Institute

  27. Analytical Laboratories for Antidoping Control: International Network for External Quality Assessment

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