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Participating in the Growth Programme's Fourth Periodic Call

The fourth Periodic Call for Proposals, published in the Official Journal on December 14, 2000 (Referred to as "15 December 2000" Call), invites submission of proposals for RTD, demonstration and combined projects, Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions as well as specific Accompanying Measures for Key Action 2. INCO Bursaries (for young researchers from developing countries) are also covered by this Call.

The new version of the Growth Work Programme 2001-2002 (third Edition December 2000) covers the two above mentioned Periodic Calls, as well as the ongoing Open Calls and the dedicated Calls to be launched during the year 2001. The Growth Work Programme 2001-2002 replaces and supersedes the March 1999 and the December 2000 editions.

The strategy and the scientific/technical priorities were reviewed and updated.

Some of the most significant changes consist of:

  • Key Action 1: refocused Targeted Research Actions; encouragement to large projects;
  • Key Action 2: new strategy (see also the Additional Information Document for KA2);
  • Key Action 3: TP7 and TP8 re-defined, emphasis on objectives 4.1.1 and 4.2.5;
  • Materials: focus on long-term issues.

The December 2000 Periodic Call addresses the research objectives and priorities described in the Growth Work programme 2001-2002 (edition December 2000). The table below presents the research priorities, the indicative budget and the types of actions covered by the Fourth Call:


RTD areas and priorities for the December 2000 Periodic Call

Indicative budget of Call - (Meuro)

KA 1

(Last call)

For RTD, Demonstration and Combined projects as well as Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions

Targeted Research Actions:
1.5 TRA "products-services" evolutionary value-added and resource-saving products-services, including miniaturised systems
1.6 TRA "machines": new generation of machinery production equipment and systems for manufacturing
1.7 TRA "extended enterprise": the knowledge based extended manufacturing enterprise
1.8 TRA "modern factory": customer-oriented, high tech, agile and towards zero-waste production
1.9 TRA "infrastructures": safe, sustainable and cost effective construction


KA 2

For RTD, Demonstration and Combined projects, Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions as well as Specific Accompanying Measures for KA2 only.

Targeted Action: CIVITAS
2.1 Socio-economic scenarios for mobility of people and goods
2.1.3 Policies for sustainable mobility

Targeted Action: GALILEO
2.3.3 Second Generation GNSS

Details are provided in the Additional Information Document for KA2


KA 3

Open only for Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions, for all objectives, from 3.1 to 3.8


KA 4

Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions: all objectives, from 4.1 to 4.13

For RTD, Demonstration and Combined projects:

Critical Technologies:
4.1: Reducing aircraft development cost and time to market
4.2: Improving aircraft efficiency
4.3: Improving environmental friendliness of aircraft
4.4: Improving operational capability and safety of aircraft

Technology Platforms:
4.9 TP 5: Power-optimised aircraft
4.11 TP 7: Friendly aircraft cabin environment
4.12 TP 8: Advanced wing configuration



(Last call)

For RTD projects as well as Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions:

5.1: Cross-cutting generic materials technologies
5.2: Advanced functional materials
5.3: Sustainable chemistry
5.4: Expanding the limits and durability of new materials
5.5: Iron and steel production
5.6: Steel casting, rolling and downstream treatment
5.7: Steel utilisation


(of which up to 25 for nano-technologies)


Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions: all objectives

For RTD, demonstration and combined projects:
6.1.2 Sensors, screening systems and instruments for the fight against fraud
6.1.3 Instrumentation for improvement of quality
6.2.3 Measurement and testing methodologies in support for quality




The deadlines for receipt of proposals are given in the Periodic Call text

Proposals submitted on paper must be received by the Commission by 17.00 Brussels time on the date of the applicable deadline. The above constitutes a change with respect to previous calls (where deadlines applied to submission).

Deadlines now apply to receipt by the Commission.

Please note that, as far as the December 2000 Periodic Call is concerned, different deadlines for the different Key Actions and Generic Technologies are applicable.

The Pre-Proposal Check is also available for RTD, demonstration and combined projects and for Key Action 2 Accompanying Measures specifically covered by the Periodic Call.

Download Forms and Guidance notes

As specified in the text of the call, proposals must be sent to the following address:

The GROWTH Programme
Research Proposals Office
Square Frère-Orban/Frère-Orbanplein 8
B-1040 Brussels

The Growth Programme has launched an awareness campaign for those interested in participating in the 4th Call. Latest information on planned infodays is available on the Growth Events page .

Reminder : Actions implemented through the continuous submission scheme (Open Call of 16.03.99 and its corrigendum of 20.10.00) are still open. These actions consist of: Growth Accompanying Measures, Expressions of Interest for the needs of research and in support for research infrastructures ('EoIs for the needs'), SME measures and Marie Curie fellowships.

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