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Call for tender "Growth Studies"

Download the Call Text: MS Word - PDF

The European Commission is planning to conclude contracts for carrying out of 4 studies aimed at assisting the Commission in evaluating RTD needs and development strategies in the field of Competitive and Sustainable Growth, in order to support the implementation of the Thematic Programme "Competitive and Sustainable Growth" and future activities.

This call for tender has been published on 22nd January 2000 (Code GROWTH-1 - Open procedure 2000/S 15-008075)

The call is divided into 4 batches, relating to the Thematic Programme "Competitive and Sustainable Growth", in particular the Key Action "Innovative Products, Processes and Organisation" and the Generic Activity "Measurements and Testing".
Batch 1: Study on RTD needs for technological and organisational innovation in manufacturing industries and related services: regional differences and potentials for synergies in Europe
Batch 2: Study on the use of Certified Reference Materials in Europe
Batch 3: Study on the assessment of the economic role of measurements within modern society
Batch 4: Study on interaction between standardisation and intellectual property rights

Tenderers may tender for 1 or several of the above mentioned 4 batches. However, a separate tender must be submitted for each batch and all tenders must cover the entire batch to which they relate.

The contract related to the different batches will be for a maximum period of 8 months (Batch 1), 20 months (Batch 2), 24 months (Batch 3) and 18 months (Batch 4) from the date of signing by both parties.

The final date for the receipt of request for tender documents is 1st March 2000. Requests for the terms of reference may be made by facsimile or letter to the European Commission (addressed to Mr. Philippe Quevauviller, European Commission, DG Research (MO75 3/9), rue de la Loi 200, B-1049 Brussels - Fax: +32-2.2958072 - Email: (email removed) ). When requests are made by facsimile, they must be confirmed by letter dispatched before the 1st March 2000.

The final date for receipt of tenders is the 7th March 2000 . The tenders must be sent to the address indicated in the call for tenders; they will be opened on 17th March 2000 at 14h30 in the offices of the Research DG, Rue Montoyer 75 (Room Foyer), B-1040 Brussels.

Information regarding the service provider's own position and formalities necessary for an assessment to be made of the minimum economic and technical conditions to be fulfilled by the service providers are described in details in the call for tenders.

Download the Call Text: MS Word - PDF