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Competitive and Sustainable Growth

Call for tenders relating to services aimed at carrying out annually, and in collaboration with the Commission, the evaluation of finished projects of 3 EC research programmes

Open procedure

  1. Contracting authority: European Commission, Research Directorate-General, Programme Competitive and Sustainable Growth, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200, B- 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel.

    Batch No - Service - Contact person - Address - Fax - E-mail:

    1. Research DG, Unit C0.1, Stefaan Vandendriessche, Office MO75 3/16, B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, (32-2) 295 80 72, (email removed) ;
    2. Research DG, Unit C0.1, Stefaan Vandendriessche - Office MO75 3/16, B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, (32-2) 295 80 72, (email removed) .

  2. Category and description: Category 11, CPC reference Nos 865, 866.

    The European Commission is planning to conclude contracts for carrying out 2 services aimed at evaluating finished projects of the programmes in the fields covered by the current 'competitive and sustainable growth' programme. The evaluation will consist in assessing the characteristics of the achieved project results and their impacts (potential and actual) in terms of industrial applications, economic gains, social and environmental aspects, with the help of a methodology consisting of indicators (based on the 15 project monitoring criteria used by the Commission) to be provided in the tender. Various means for collecting project data must be envisaged.

    This call for tenders is divided into 2 batches:

    Batch 1: ex-post evaluation of RTD (research and technological development), CRAFT (cooperative research) and thematic network projects from the Community programmes IMT (industrial and materials technologies), SMT (standards, measurements and testing), transport (fourth framework programme), and competitive and sustainable growth (fifth framework programme): evaluation of the results and expected impacts of the projects completed the year before, and identification of means to enhance their impact. Around 2000 projects (completed between 1999 and 2003) are concerned over a 5-year period;

    Batch 2: ex-post impact assessment of RTD, CRAFT and thematic network projects from the Community programmes Brite-Euram, M&T (measurement and testing), and transport (third framework programme), and IMT (industrial and materials technologies), SMT (standards, measurements and testing) and transport (fourth framework programme): assessment of the actual impacts of the projects completed 3 years before. Around 2000 projects (completed between 1996 and 2000) are concerned over a 5-year period.

    Tenderers may tender for 1 or both of the abovementioned 2 batches. However, a separate tender must be submitted for each batch, and all tenders must cover the entire batch to which they relate.

  3. Place of delivery: The service is to be carried out mainly on the contractor's premises, but also comprises travel within the European Union.

    1. Not applicable.
    2. Not applicable.
    3. Legal entities are bound to give the names, qualifications and professional experience (curriculum vitæ) of the members of the staff responsible for providing the service.
  4. Subcontracting: The works may not be subcontracted.

  5. Variants: Variants will not be permitted. Variants will not be permitted.

  6. Contract duration or performance deadline: The contract will be for a period of 2 years, renewable for a maximum period of 5 years from the date of signing by both parties.

    1. Name and address of the service from which the documents may be requested: As in 1 (with the contact person responsible for each batch).
    2. Final date for the receipt of request for tender documents: 11.8.2000.
    3. Requests for the terms of reference may be made by e-mail, facsimile or letter: When requests are made by e-mail or facsimile, they must be confirmed by letter dispatched before the expiry of the time limit indicated in 8.b).
    4. Costs and terms of payment: Free of charge.
    1. Final date for receipt of tenders: 18.8.2000.
    2. Address to which they must be sent: See in the invitation to tender documents
    3. Language in which they must be drawn up: 1 of the 11 official languages of the European Community.
    1. Persons authorized to be present at the opening of tenders: 1 representative of each tenderer.
    2. Date, time and place of the opening: The tenders will be opened on 1.9.2000 (10.00), local time, in the offices of Research DG, rue Montoyer 75, B-1040 Brussels.
  7. Deposit and guarantees: A deposit may be required from the contractor, equivalent to the amount of any advance obtained.

  8. Main terms of financing and payment and/or reference to the provisions governing them: See terms of reference.

  9. Legal form in the event of the contract being awarded to a grouping of service providers: No particular form is required.

  10. Information regarding the service provider's own position and formalities necessary for an assessment to be made of the minimum economic and technical conditions to be fulfilled by the service providers: The tenderer should supply the following information:

    - full name of the tendering entity, legal status, VAT liability and VAT number, address, telephone and fax numbers, along with the names of the person responsible for the tender and of the person authorized to sign on behalf of the tendering entity; banking details: bank name; account holder and number; branch address, sort code and Swift address of bank;

    - proof of registration on the relevant professional or trade register, in accordance with the laws of the country in which he/she is established;

    - a letter certifying the non-participation of the tenderer's proposed personnel to RTD projects of the Brite-Euram, IMT, M&T, SMT, transport or growth programme and their non-involvement as ex-ante evaluators;

    - a letter certifying that the tenderer has no commercial interest which could affect the impartiality of the work to be carried out;

    - an extract from the 'judicial record' or, failing this, an equivalent document issued by the judicial authority in the country of origin or residence showing that the tenderer is not the subject of a proceeding for a declaration of bankruptcy or an order of compulsory winding up or administration by a court or for an arrangement with creditors or of any other similar proceedings under national laws or regulations;

  11. a list of the main services provided in the past 3 years, with the values, dates and public or private recipients of the services provided:

    • for services provided to public authorities, evidence should be provided in the form of a certificate issued or countersigned by the competent authority,
    • for services provided to private clients, performance should be certified by the recipient, or, failing this, simply declared by the tenderer,
    • services directly related to the contract should be listed separately;

  12. the names and relevant professional qualifications of the members of staff responsible for performing the service and evidence of at least 3 year's professional experience in the relevant field;

  13. statement of the tendering entity's overall turnover and its turnover relating to the field in question for the previous 3 financial years.

    In case the tender is submitted by a consortium, each member of the consortium must provide the above-listed data.

  14. Period during which the tenderer is bound to keep open his tender: 9 months from the final date for receipt of tenders.

  15. Contract award criteria: See items of reference.

  16. Other information: Tenders will be disqualified if:

    1. the tenderer is or has been a participant or a co-ordinator of an RTD, CRAFT, or network contract concluded with 1 of the programmes to be evaluated, i.e:

      - for batch 1: projects from the IMT programme (contract numbers BRPR-nnnn or BRST-nnnn), the SMT programme (contract numbers SMT4-nnnn), the transport programme (contracts with DG VII/E) or the growth programme (contract numbers GnRD-CT-..., GnST-CT-..., GnTR-CT-...);

      - for batch 2: projects from the Brite-Euram I or II programmes (contract numbers BREU-nnnn or BRE2-nnnn), the IMT programme (contract numbers BRPR-nnnn or BRST-nnnn), the M&T or SMT programmes (contract numbers MAT1-nnnn or SMT4-nnnn), or the transport programme (contracts with DG VII/E);

    2. the tenderer has a commercial interest which could affect the impartiality of the work to be carried out;

    3. the tenderer is bankrupt or being wound up, is in the hands of court administrators, has entered in an arrangement with creditors, has suspended business activities or is in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure under national laws and regulations.

  17. Date of publication of the prior information notice: 1.12.1999.

  18. Date of dispatch of the notice: 31.5.2000.

  19. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities: 31.5.2000.

  20. The WTO Government Procurement Agreement applies to this contract: Government Procurement Agreement (GPA).