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What's New?

06.09.2002 2nd e.e.u.c. 2002 - Challenges between Competition and Collaboration
The Future of Manufacturing Industry
, 9-30.10.2002
09.01.2002 Measurement and Testing Newsletter - VOL 9 Nº2 (December 2001)
06.12.2001 Future Needs & Challenges for materials and Nanotechnology Research
16.10.2001 Dedicated Call for proposals for Measurements and Testing, Infrastructures published on 16.10.2001
20.09.2001 Joint call for proposals to support for the integration of 'newly associated states' (NAS) in the European research area published on 20.09.2001
18.09.2001 Sustainable Production - Challenges & Objectives for EU Research Policy
03.09.2001 Call for proposals to extend existing contracts to include partners from the « Newly Associated States » (NAS) published on 01.09.2001
12.07.2001 Measurement and Testing Newsletter - VOL 9 Nº1 (June 2001)
09.04.2001 Thematic Networks funded projects (KA1 and MAT)
14.03.2001 EU - US cooperation in Materials Sciences
14.03.2001 New Nanotechnology Web service on CORDIS
08.02.2001 Corrigendum to call for proposals published on 14.12.2000 relating to KA2 deadline
30.01.2001 Joint call for proposals - IST & GROWTH programmes - "Intelligent Manufacturing Systems" published on 27.01.2001
25.01.2001 International Cooperation between EU and China in the area of Materials Research
17.01.2001 Guidance note on Large RTD actions under KA1 and, where appropriate, Materials
15.01.2001 Additional information for Key Action 1 "Innovative products, processes and organisation
15.12.2000 Calls for Proposal launched on 14.12.2000
13.12.2000 Measurement and Testing Newsletter - VOL 8 Nº2
(Dec. 2000)
17.11.2000 Proceedings of Workshop on Virtual Institutes
13.10.2000 Call for Proposals - Measurements and Testing, Infrastructures
11.09.2000 Guidance Notes on Thematic Networks
25.07.2000 Search GROWTH projects in the CORDIS Projects Database
17.07.2000 Search the CORDIS News Service for GROWTH-related articles
05.07.2000 EU - US cooperation in Materials Sciences
22.06.2000 FP5: Key Action Aeronautics: Opportunities for SMEs
Workshop organised during the 'Third SME Technological Days' - Porto - 29-30 June 2000
19.06.2000 Call for tenders for the evaluation of finished projects of 3 EC research programmes
16.06.2000 Task description for June 2000 call
06.06.2000 Model cost statement forms for RTD projects
02.06.2000 Browse the Growth Work Programme in English
26.05.2000 List of selected projects for KA2 - Sustainable mobility and intermodality
14.04.2000 Dedicated Call for Measurements & Testing, Infrastructures launched on 14 April 2000
28.03.2000 Infoday dedicated to 'TRA 5 : Products' and 'Materials' , Eindhoven (NL), 23.05.2000
21.02.2000 4 th TTP forum - Enabling Automotive Drive-by-Wire systems
11.02.2000 Growth selected projects from the First Call for Proposals (March 1999)

Call for tender: Growth Studies
26.01.2000 Growth Guidelines for Reporting
10.01.2000 Growth Programme Infoday , 17.01.2000, Lisbon, Portugal
15.12.1999 Fixed Deadline Call launched on 15 December 1999
25.11.1999 Materials and their Technologies for Production and Transformation
25.11.1999 Innovative Products, Processes and Organisation
KEY ACTION 1 (1998-2002)
25.10.1999 Fixed Deadline Call - Dedicated Call Measurements & Testing, Infrastructures
15.10.1999 Fixed Deadline Call - Dedicated Call Measurements & Testing, Infrastructures
13.09.1999 Key Action 1 Awareness Campaign
03.09.1999 European Transport Research Conference: "Paving the Way for Sustainable Mobility ", 08-09.11.1999, Lille, France
23.08.1999 Contract Preparation Materials
08.07.1999 Fixed Deadline Call - Dedicated Call - Second Generation Satellite Navigation and Positioning Systems (GNSS-2) - Guide for Proposers Part 2 Now Available
07.07.1999 Information Day on the Call for Proposals for the Second Generation Satellite Navigation and Positioning Systems (GNSS-2)
30.06.1999 Call for Proposals launched on 30 June 1999
  • Fixed Deadline Call - Dedicated Call - Second Generation Satellite Navigation and Positioning Systems (GNSS-2)
    Opening date: 30.06.1999
    Closing date: 01.10.1999

19.05.1999 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
17.05.1999 National Contact Points in States in pre-accession phase
23.03.1999 Pre-proposal check form available for download
16.03.1999 Call for Proposals launched on 16 March 1999
  • Fixed Deadline Calls - Continuous Submission Scheme - Expressions of Interest for specific research needs
    Opening date: 16.03.1999
    Closing date: See Call text
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)
24.02.1999 New Web Service for "Promoting competitive and sustainable growth" programme on CORDIS