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Growth Work Programme 2001-2002
Edition December 2001

Table of Contents

About this December 2001-2002 edition

A. Introduction

B. Key Actions

Key Action 1: Innovative Products, Processes and Organisation

Socio-Economic Objectives and Expected Outputs

Research Objectives

I. Research Areas
1.1 Efficient production, including design, manufacturing & control
1.2 Intelligent production
1.3 Eco-efficient processes and design
1.4 Organisation of production and work

II. Targeted Research Actions (TRAs)
1.5 TRA " products " : evolutionary value-added and resource-saving products-services, including miniaturised systems
1.6 TRA " machines " : new generation of machinery, production equipment and systems for manufacturing
1.7 TRA " extended enterprise " : the knowledge based extended manufacturing enterprise
1.8 TRA " modern factory" : customer-oriented, high tech, agile and towards zero-waste production
1.9 TRA " infrastructure " : safe and cost effective construction

Strategy and Priorities for the December 2000 Periodic Call

Key Action 2: Sustainable Mobility and Intermodality

Key Action 3: Land Transport and Marine Technologies

Key Action 4: New Perspectives in Aeronautics

Socio-Economic Objectives and Expected Outputs

Research Objectives

I. Development of Critical Technologies
4.1: Reducing aircraft development cost and time to market
4.2: Improving aircraft efficiency
4.3: Improving environmental friendliness of aircraft
4.4: Improving operational capability and safety of aircraft

II. Technology Platforms
4.5 TP 1: Low-cost, low-weight primary structures
4.6 TP 2: Efficient and environmentally friendly aero-engine
4.7 TP 3: Novel rotary-wing aircraft configuration
4.8 TP4: More autonomous aircraft in the future air traffic management system
4.9 TP 5: Power-optimised aircraft
4.10 TP 6: Low external noise aircraft
4.11 TP 7: Friendly aircraft cabin environment
4.12 TP 8: Advanced wing configuration
4.13 TP 9: Integrated and modular aircraft electronic systems

Strategy and Priorities for the December 2000 Periodic Call

Strategy and Priorities for the June 2001 Periodic Call

C. Generic Activities

Generic Activity IA: Materials and their Technologies for Production and Transformation

Generic Activity IB: New and Improved Materials and Production Technologies in the Steel Field

Generic Activity 2: Measurements and Testing

D. Support for Research Infrastructures

E. Programme Implementation

F. Road Map

G. Criteria for Selection

Annex: Glossary