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CORDIS is the European Commission's primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all EU-funded research projects and their results in the broadest sense.

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MONT-BLANC successfully tests its software on high-performance ARM-based servers

The MONT-BLANC team has taken another key step in their quest for low consumption Exascale systems, by proving the portability of their software stack on new high-performance ARM-based server platforms.

CORDIS Express: Research for improved nutrition

This week’s edition of CORDIS Express takes a look at some of the EU-funded research efforts aiming to improve health and nutrition.

‘The time has come for responsible research and innovation (RRI) in ICT’

Speaking at the recent CAPS2015 conference, Anthony Dupont from RRI-ICT FORUM described how the project is working to analyse, support and promote responsible research and innovation.

Trending science: Vitamin B3 may have been delivered from space

Vitamin B3 may have been made on icy dust grains in space, and couriered to us here on Earth by meteorites and comets.