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EU delegation including Sean Kelly Mep visit @TSSG_WIT & Waterford Institute of Technology to see impact of high tech facilities on region. Photo shows SOCIETIES coordinator, Kevin Doolin, presenting the SOCIETIES project and explaining how we are working with SMEs to exploit project results.
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Laurent Pellegrino from PLAY has his PhD defense in Sophia Antipolis on April 3rd:I am pleased to invite you to my PhD defence which will take place on Thursday 3rd April, at 1.30pm, in the Euler Violet room at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. You are warmly invited to the traditional “pot de thèse” that follows the presentation. Title: Pushing dynamic and ubiquitous event-based interaction in the Internet of services: a middleware for event clouds. The jury is composed of the following people: Ioana MANOLESCU, Inria Saclay - Île-de-France (reviewer) Etienne RIVIÈRE, Université de Neuchâtel (reviewer) Johan MONTAGNAT, CNRS (examiner) Ester PACITTI, Université de Montpellier 2 (examiner) Vivien QUÉMA, Grenoble INP (examiner) Françoise BAUDE, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (advisor) Fabrice HUET, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (co-advisor) Abstract: RDF has become a relevant data model for describing and modeling information on the Web but providing scalable solutions to store and retrieve RDF data in a responsive manner is still challenging. Within the context of this thesis we propose a middleware devoted to storing, retrieving synchronously but also disseminating selectively and asynchronously RDF data in a fully distributed environment. Its purposes is to allow to leverage historical information and filter data near real-time. To this aims we have built our system atop a slightly modified version of a 4-dimensional Content Addressable Network (CAN) overlay network reflecting the structure of an RDF tuple. Unlike many existing solutions we made the choice to avoid hashing for indexing data, thus allowing efficient range queries resolution and raising interesting technical challenges. Near realtime filtering is enabled by expressing information preferences in advance through content-based subscriptions handled by a publish/subscribe layer designed atop the CAN architecture. We have proposed two algorithms to check RDF data or events satisfaction with subscriptions but also to forward solutions to interested parties. Both algorithms have been experimentally tested for throughput and scalability. Although one performs better than the other, they remain complementary to ensure correctness. Along with information retrieval and dissemination, we have proposed a solution to enhance RDF data distribution on our revised CAN network since RDF information suffers from skewness. Finally, to improve maintainability and reusability some efforts were also dedicated to provide a modular middleware reducing the coupling between its underlying software artifacts.
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The SOCIETIES project features in the European Commission’s Net-Cloud Futures Magazine (p.23-25). Read all about it here Download the magazine.
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TSSG has leveraged our research in SOCIETIES to create a new BaaS platform “Fuseami” which was showcased last week in SXSW. Read all about it here.
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SOCIETIES was presented to Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn TD, at the opening of TSSG’s Netlabs research centre.
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SOCIETIES team members (TSSG, NEC and SINTEF) hosted a disaster management trial in Waterford Ireland. Read all about it here.
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EIT ICTLabs use PLAY platform: The EIT ICTLabs use the PLAY platform as an RDF event processing and storage engine! The reports from ICTLabs (find them in our publication section) explain how to integrate PLAY with Matlab in the context of multimodal mobility to integrate traffic prediction information.
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The W3C Mobile Web 2: Programming Applications online course is back! To start on 13 January 2014, this course covers all techniques you need to know for programming successful mobile Web applications that can ship both online and in application stores. Read the detailed course description and register soon to benefit from the early bird […]
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PLAY has had its final review meeting on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013. Notable highlights from the project are: —Use of open Web Standards for event modelling, pattern modelling, access control for real-time/streaming data —Integrated Prototype (delivering a runnable architecture with all Open Source components) Contribution to Open Source community, e.g. continued maintenance of RDF2Go, MultiActive objects for ProActive Benefits PLAY can provide as a semantics-based event-driven platform for a use case of nuclear crisis management: Eliminating superfluous, inaccurate or irrelevant information Automating some analysis or actions based on predefined business rules Reducing the time of information transmission between devices, stakeholders and decision makers Increasing the reliability of knowledge (exhaustiveness) Improving the agility capability of the crisis stakeholders —Benefits and opportunity PLAY can provide as an Event-driven Architecture and elastic platform to ORANGE Telecom: QoS problems experienced by customers of LiveBox Pro can be detected in real-time Improvement of knowledge about customer experience, reduction of after-sales costs with residential customers of 2G/3G data mobile services Ability to to compare/challenge other Open Source platforms with PLAY such as Storm/kafka  + Hadoop/Hbase and commercial middleware products Links: Opher Etzion (who is reviewer of PLAY together with Silvia Vecchi) blogged about PLAY: Project reports and published papers are here: PLAY publications
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CfP: 6th International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented and Cloud Systems @ ICSE (Submission Deadline: 31.01.2014)
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Voisin, Laurent (2013) Mathematical Language of Event-B Proofs. [Rodin Archive]
Snook, Colin and Savicks, Vitaly and Fritz, Fabian and Illisaov, Alexei Frameworks for developing Event-B modelling extensions in EMF. None. (Unpublished)
Butler, Michael (2012) Mastering System Analysis and Design through Abstraction and Refinement. [Teaching Resource] (Submitted)
Butler, Michael (2012) Abstraction, Refinement and Decomposition for Systems Engineering. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)
Colley, John (2012) Tutorial: a Practical Introduction to using Event-B for Complex �Hardware and Embedded System Specification and Design. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)
Voisin, Laurent (2012) More Abstraction. In: AI meets Formal Software Development, 01-06.07.2012, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.
Edmunds, Andrew and Colley, John and Butler, Michael Building on the DEPLOY legacy: code generation and simulation. In: DS-Event-B-2012: Workshop on the experience of and advances in developing dependable systems in Event-B .
Plagge, Daniel and Leuschel, Michael (2012) Validating B, Z and TLA+ using ProB and Kodkod. In: Proceedings FM'2012, August, 2012, Paris.
Hallerstede, Stefan and Jastram, Michael and Ladenberger, Lukas (2012) A Method and Tool for Tracing Requirements into Specifications. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED. (Submitted)
Weigelt, Ingo Architectures for an Extensible Text Editor for Rodin. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.
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