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High-level Scientific Conferences - Call of 16.03.1999

High-level Scientific Conferences

Call of 16 March 1999 with the Corrigendum of 9 October 2001

The Last Deadline was 1 February 2002

To prepare a proposal for this call, you will require:

  • Guide for Proposers (edition October 2000 , Submission Forms not included):
    PDF: Danish German Greek English Spanish Finnish French Italian Dutch Portuguese Swedish  
    Do NOT use previous editions (1999) of the Guide or Forms!

  • Submission forms:


    • Alternatively, you can still use the hardcopy version of the  
      Proposal Submission Forms: Word - PDF

  • Notes on how to complete the Forms: PDF

Please note, that a complete Proposal consists of Parts A, B and C.
- Parts A and B are the administrative forms
- Part C is the proposal description - guidance provided on pages 49 to 51 of the Guide (EN version).

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