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Expert Evaluators

The Human Potential Programme

Evaluation Experts

In addition to organising or participating in one of the activities supported by the Human Potential Programme, another way of getting involved is to become an expert evaluator.

At the start of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) the European Commission launched a call for experts to evaluate proposals submitted to the individual FP5 programmes, including the Human Potential Programme. This call for experts is an open call with a final deadline of 30 September 2002.

To apply applicants must have a high-level of professional experience in the public or private sector in one or more of the following areas:

  1. research in the relevant scientific and technological fields

  2. administration, management or evaluation of research and technological development (RTD) projects;

  3. use of the results of RTD projects, transfer or technologies and innovation

  4. international co-operation in science and technology

  5. development of human capital

Click here for further information on this call and the on-line application form.

For further information on the procedure used for the evaluation of proposals, applicants may be interested to consult the FP5 Evaluation Manual . Annex ‘N’ of this Manual relates specifically to the Human Potential Programme.

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