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Can I get involved

The Human Potential Programme

Can I get involved?

Can I get involved?

Q. "Are you or interested and/or directly involved in science, research and training?"

Q. "Are you a national of an EU Member or Associated State?"

Can my organisation get involved?

Q. "Is your organisation interested and/or directly involved in science, research and training?"

Q. "Is your organisation a legal entity established in an EU Member or Associated State?"

If you can answer yes to the above then its likely that the Human Potential Programme supports activities of interest to you or your organisation. In general, this programme takes a bottom-up approach, supporting projects on scientific topics selected by the applicant. This means that your scientific area is likely to fit with this programme.

Your involvement in Human Potential may be on an individual basis, where your application is for your own research project for example, or on a collective basis, where your research team or organisation applies for support for its project, or where your team hosts a researcher funded by the Commission, etc.. Match your profile to one of those below and then check the programme activities are likely to be most interesting for you.

The Human Potential Programme follows the rules for participation governed by the Fifth Framework Programme, as described in the Guide for Proposers Part 1 . These pages aim to highlight the activities that are most likely to be relevant to you.

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